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May 18 2015

(SPOILER) Agents of SHIELD: Where do we go from here? Now that Season 2 is over, Pop Insomniacs examines each character on the show.

Just to give my long dead pony one more good thwack,
I still say that we could see the return of Izzy Hartley.
Not just flashbacks, but I see too much parallel between her sacrifice to open the season and Coulson's sacrifice to close it.
Understand we'll go hand in hand, but we'll walk alone in fear. (... oh sorry wrong franchise, and Coulson may have difficulty understanding going "hand in hand")
i thought the same thing,crypto
So Hartley, Coulson and Peterson sit down for a three handed game of poker....
Simon, could you or Caroline tell me what happened to Willowy?
She's still about.
Hey Maddy, what's up? Email me if you wanna. :)
Message received. Thank you!
Back to topic, this point of a female Thor is beyond me. Did they forget Valkyrie? I just don't understand why they don't go there?
Posted this first bit in the AoS finale discussion thread yesterday, but I figured it'd fit in here as well:

What do you all think; might there be a chance that there's something else going on with Fitz, and he actually intentionally unlocked the container in the final scene?
Fitz showed signs of mental damage in the first half of the season, especially noticable in his speech. During the second half, he got much better, to the point that he's now speaking normally again. I don't think it was ever really specifically addressed or questioned that he made -that- big a progress that he doesn't have to search for words anymore.
What if he's replaced 'Skrull-style' by a shapeshifting Inhuman, or made some kind of sinister pact, and knew exactly what he was doing when he 'fumbled' and unlocked the container?
Fitz is my fave character on the show and I'm hoping he's as honest and good as he appears to be, yet I wonder...

Speaking about other characters, I'm really hoping to see pretty much all of the living characters back at some point. What about Audrey (Coulson's ex)? Was she really just there for the one single episode, to tie up the girlfriend-'plot' mentioned in Avengers? Surely more can be done with the character.

Opinions always vary a lot but reading this article, I find myself disagreeing with quite a lot, to the point of frustration:

-I certainly didn't think Gonzales made for an 'uneven second half';

-nor that Hyde's looks were the 'ultimate let-down'. A bit cartoonish, alright, but I thought it worked well, looked really freaky and showed Kyle McLachlan's expressions in a good way;

-I always enjoy Talbot in the show. He's a bit of a Colonel Decker from the A-Team, but whenever they go a bit over the top with him they manage to balance it out by showing some good sides & qualities of the man;

-I strongly disagree with the negative perception the article gives on Raina's inhuman persona. Looked awesome to me and IMO Ruth Negga's acting went from 'adequate' to 'amazing' there;

-Cavalry origin story not living up to the hype? Really?!? Me & my group were completely in awe of that episode.
By own brain damage healed very nearly as dramatically as Fitz's over the six months or so after my injury, so I found that very realistic.

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