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May 21 2015

'Firefly: The Verse' trading cards coming out in September. "The set consists of a 180-card base set featuring original art based on the TV series that will be sold in 7-card packs with 5-6 base cards in each pack."

Wait, asking for a clarification, so the base set is primarily original art?
It does need more details for description of content, and how it is different from Inkworks set from several years ago.
180 cards in the base set, but only 140 cards in a box? Thats a bit disappointing. You have to buy at least two boxes to even have a chance of getting a full set, and even then its not guaranteed. With most sci-fi cards that I collect, you know that you're going to get a base set in a box.
I am really na´ve about this stuff. Why would these be collectable?

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