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May 22 2015

The Cabin in the Woods gets kudos for its practical SFX. A listicle from, "7 Movie Special Effects You Won't Believe Aren't Computers," lauding The Cabin in the Woods for eschewing CGI. (Link is to page 2 of the article.) Includes some behind-the-scenes photos.

Thor: The Dark World also makes the list at #5 (on the first page of the article).
Cool. Just yesterday, my son, who does claymation, was lamenting about how most films have been doing away with special effects art and methods in favor of CGI.

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I love reading about The Cabin in the Woods's practical effects. When designed and shot well, it's a fairly safe bet that they won't age the way visual effects will. Plus I like imagining things being done physically on set. It really hit me when I went to the Harry Potter studio tour how many good effects I've simply been assuming must be CGI. And yet the special effects were still there, long after the film was made.
Practical and classic effects work still beats out CGI in 90 percent of all cases.
I kept trying to figure out what practical SEX was, then I clicked on the link and went, oh . . .

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