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May 24 2015

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Alyson Hannigan reunite. Lovely photo of the two from SMG's instagram.

Awwww :) The denim really makes it feel like a proper Buffy/ Willow reunion.
with all that denim, it actually looks like a "behind the scenes" photo from one of the early seasons. love it!
I really liked seeing that. It makes those rumors of them not completely getting along back in the day seem untrue... if not then, then at least now. :)
Gosh, they're still beautiful. I wish Sarah and Alyson the best!!
Princess Rap Battle.
Cinderella versus Mèrida, Yeah!
This plus the fun Whedon Women panel from Denver Comic-con made the weekend amazing. The selfie gathering Jewel, Claire, Emma and Amy was almost as exciting.
Sarah looks so beautiful. Alyson looks great too. Keeping my fingers crossed now that Joss rules the world he will do that Buffy movie. This is great.
Yes Cheryl. Neither of them are working right now- perfect time! :)
(I'm not naive enough to think it will really happen lol)
But oh, wouldn't that be divine?

Oh hey - you know who ELSE isn't working right now? Although Big Purple is getting rested up, we're all aware he can't stop himself from at least doing SOMETHING for five minutes.

Hope springs eternal.
This news made me wonder if Joss and Amy Acker's children still have play dates. I love how they all in some way, keep connecting with each other.

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