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May 27 2015

Hayley Atwell on Joss Whedon and how she came to appear in Avengers: Age of Ultron. If your German isn't quite up to scratch then English translations of the SerienJunkies interview can be found at Google Translate and Microsoft Translator.

Aww she got Joss drunk :D I wanna get Joss drunk and make him write a scene for me too :)

I can't wait for season 2!!
I have Joss Whedon made drunk.

Ha! Gotta love Google Translate!
Indeed. I'm pretty sure that whatever she actually said about the advantages of a short eight-episode series, she did not say "It has shorter time to reach orgasm."
Lol. Maybe she said climax?
I had some time so here's my take on a translation. I skipped some of the beginning which was just a summary of the interview. There is slight spoilers about Atwell's parts in other Marvel productions.


In Germany Peggy Carter's mission starts today. Pay TV channel Syfy is airing "Marvel's Agent Carter" as the German premiere. In accordance with that we talked to lead actress Hayley Atwell. Hayley, your character was a wonderful part of "Captain America - The First Avenger". Then we got to see you in a Marvel one-shot and now you have your own Marvel series in which you play the main part. Did you ever expect that character to accompany you for this long?

Hayley Atwell: When we were shooting the movie I had no inkling of that at all. But it is so much fun and one of the reasons we are doing it is the reaction by fans including soial media. Twitter is loving the character so much. By now I'm feeling like an integral part of the Marvel family and that gives you a lot of strength.

S: Did you ever feel pressured for being the first woman to head their own Marvel series?

A: First day on set my producer came to me and said: "This is all on you now." At first that sounded very frightening but what he meant was that I was setting the bar. He wanted to make sure that everything on set was working as smoothly as possible so that each division knew how to do their work and that they were being appreciated. It was wonderful because the part of Peggy Carter was very inspiring to me and it encouraged me to take leadership on set into my hands. I'm trying not to let the outside pressure get to me too much because that can hurt the creative process and I'd of course rather have fun doing my work.

S: Your character is a strong role model and yet she is living in very conservative times dominated by men. Was that a criterium for choosing the part?

A: Actually, no. I did not decide to take the part to make a political statement. But playing her in such a situation makes a lot of people look up to her and makes her a role model for women and men. In my private life I obviously value that aspect as well but it is just a part of the conflict that Peggy Carter is in. In addition to that she has to deal with personal conflicts like the grieving for Steve Rogers and it's not all just sexism.

Small spoilers about love interests (I assume we have all seen the series - Huschel)

S: You just hinted at Peggy dealing with her loss of Steve Rogers in the series. At the same time she is portrayed very
independant and there are some colleagues that flirt with her. What do you think, do you have a theory with whom she'll get together in the end?

A: Some people want her to get together with Angie (Lyndsy Fonseca) which is really funny. We'll see what the future has in
store. In the first season it was a little too early to give her a love interest because she is still grieving Steve Rogers.
Others want her and Agent Souza (Enver Gjokaj) to get together because there is a chemistry between the two of them that keeps growing over the series. But if we get to do a second season (editorial note: this interview took place before the series had been renewed for a second season), she might meet somebody completely different. It would have to be someone very special though.


S: The series is about secrets and double and triple identities. Was it complicated at times to keep all the nuances in mind?
After all, Peggy had to keep up several different appearances simultaneously.

A: Yes. We also weren't always shooting the episodes in order and sometimes I only got the script one or two days in advance.
I had to be very careful which was very exciting. There wasn't much time to think and I always had to play the part that was
asked for at the time which had me using my improvisational skills as well. That kept playing the part of Peggy fresh and

S: The first season consists of only eight episodes. What are the advantages of such a short season?

A: It means that the scripts need to be more succinct and the plot arcs have to be defined especially well. Nothing can be watered down or drawn out. There is less time to reach the climax (it is indeed not an orgasm - Huschel) and create a satisfying finale. There is also less time to build up interest for a potential second season. In reality, these are four movies in a mini series instead of - for example - 22 episodes in a season which can become formulaic and very case-of-the-week and might therefore get boring.

S: In the series we get to see several familiar faces like Howard Stark, Dum Dum Dugan, the Howling Commando as well as
Jarvis and some others. Who of these gentlemen did you enjoy working with the most? I enjoyed all of the pairings but did you have a favourite?

A: I am very good friends with Dominic Cooper and James D'Arcy; I've known them for about ten years now. Apart from that Dominic is the one most prone to shenanigans and playing pranks. When the two of us are together we talk a lot of rubbish and behave like little children getting each other in trouble by playing pranks. We had a lot of fun shooting the series.

S: A somewhat spoilery question: There is one character that we never get to see and that is Jarvis's wife. Why do you think
that is?

A: I'm not sure. I think they just wanted to add a little suspense to potentially reveal who she is in the second season.
But then she wasn't really focused on in the first season so there was no reason to show her - apart from Jarvis's backstory

S: Is there a specific era in which you would want to see Peggy during season 2?

A: Yeah, Peggy during the civil rights movement would be interesting. Or mabye in the 70s. Maybe she used to be a hippie for a while. The fact that we start in the 40s makes this series so exciting. There are lots of possibilites for her character to grow because the times keep changing rapidly on a social level. She could go through the decades and have a lot of different styles.

S: You have been featured in several different Marvel movies and series already. Two Captain America movies, the one-shot, your own series and "Marvel's Agents of S.I.E.L.D." and recently you were also a part of "Age of Ultron". Do you think that Peggy was Coulson before Coulson became Coulson? Is she the glue that keeps the early Marvel universe together?

A: Yes, I like that thought. She is a founding member of S.H.I.E.L.D. after all so she plays a very important role in the
Marvel universe. Which is great for me because I could do this for the rest of my career because she is just such a great

S: How was it working with Joss Whedon?

A: He is fantastic. Once in a club I got him really drunk and asked him if he could write me a scene in "Age of Ultron". So that's how that happened. He is a very ingenious man, very down to earth and self-deprecating. And he is also one of the most talentend members of the Marvel team.

S: What's next for you in the Marvel universe? Can you tell us a little bit about your part in "Ant Man"?

A: Unfortunately I cannot or I would have to kill you (laughs). I don't want to spoil it for the fans because that would be a shame and they should of course watch the movie. During season two you can expect to learn more about Peggy's background and more of her adventures. Also, a new love interest (I'm not sure how this statement works with the date of the interview. I suppose this might be speculation on her part - Huschel)

S: What TV shows do you like to watch?

A: Arrested Development is my favourite comedy. I don't own a TV but I watch DVD boxes. Like Breaking Bad because so many people have recommended it to me. I'm very much lagging behind though - I travel too much. I'm more of a reader.

S: What do you read then?

A: Right now I'm reading "A Spool of Blue Thread" by Anne Tyler. She won the Pulitzer prize and wrote "The Accidental Tourist".

S: You were also in an episode of the brilliant series "Black Mirror" - one of my favourite episodes in fact. How did you
get that part?

A: I had seen the first season and realized how great the script by Charlie Brooker was so I called my agent and he immediately called the producers to tell them I'd be interested. And shortly after that I had the script for the episode "Be Right Back" in my hands. The script was just amazing. It broke my heart and gave me goosebumps - so I took hold of that opportunity.
We were shooting for twelve days in rural London which for me meant twelve days of crying my eyes out. Emotionally that was
very draining. But in the end it was all worth it.

S: Will you be at Comic-Con again?

A: I really hope so especially if we officially get a second season. Then I'd very much like to be there.

S: Maybe we will see each other again there. I was already there during the interviews in 2014. It was great as always.

A: Yes, it is a lot of fun, isn't it?

S: Thank you very much for taking the time and good luck for the second season. I very much enjoyed the first one and I am
looking forward to "Ant-Man".
Thanks so much for that Huschel! That was a good read.

I hadn't realised that she's going to be in Ant-Man - that'll be good to see.
Thanks Huschel. I adore Agent Carter and am so glad it was renewed.

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