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May 27 2015

(SPOILER) Preview pages for Buffy Season 10 #16. The issue is out June 17th.

Can someone refresh my memory? Is this the first time Buffy's seen Angel since he killed Giles?
Yes, I think.
Yes,it's the first time they've seen each other since the end of season 8.
Oh, so awkward!
Man, this is going to be so awkward. Plus Rebeka is drawing Angel again, which is never a bad thing.

The really sad thing about Buffy and Angel is that Buffy can and has moved on while Angel really doesn't get to.

Also, curious to see how Giles and Angel interact, because Angel both killed and resurrected him. That's gotta be weird.
Strange then that Buffy went for the hug. I guess she isn't holding the killing against him.
Awkward but the art gets the vibe across well.

This is the first time since they've seen each other since the end of S8, and also the first time we've had Buffy even really think about what she does or does not feel for Angel since. I doubt killing Giles will be an issue since he brought him back.

Buffy, Xander and Dawn (who to the audience hadn't met him before) are the ones who haven't interacted with him since S8. So we'll see where it goes, the solicits already hint some of what will happen between them.
Angel & Giles have already interacted. They FOUGHT together and parted on good terms.

Him, Faith and Willow are the only ones he's had any contact with since the last time Buffy saw him.
And Spike. He fought with Spike against Eyghon and gave him Harmony's phone number.
A lot more people died than just Giles during the Twilight plan. I expect Angel to be forgiven but I don't like that everything has just boiled down to the one thing he could put right from everyone else's perspective too. I really think the follow up to Twilight has been poor and it hasn't served Angel's character well for that and it doesn't look good on the other characters either that there has really been no knock on effect that needed dealing with. Maybe it will be covered better during the crossover but I think they are just trying to move past it completely now.
I hate the Twilight storyline so much I would actually be okay with an "it was all a dream" scenario. It was just ill-conceived and out of character. It must be hard for subsequent story writers to try to incorporate it because it just didn't make any sense.
At this point, everyone has enough bad stuff in their past that I think Angel gets a pass. Willow almost destroyed the world. Giles has murdered or attempted to murder people as coldly as Faith used to. Xander has betrayed the entire group. Andrew has done so many bad things you need a flow chart to keep track of it all. Buffy has broken the law, killed Angel, upset the natural order of things more than once, destroyed magic, and is responsible for quite a few dead and/or troubled slayers (just ask Faith), not to mention her being a total b**** for the entirety of season 7. And Spike...the slayer killer? How many slayers has he offed? 3?

It's all water under the bridge, no one's squeaky clean in the Buffy crew...except maybe Dawn

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The issue is I don't agree S8 was out of character for Angel. He fell a victim to his own hubris as he does from time to time, but he isn't seen to learn from it. He needs to reflect on how it was possible to persuade him to go along with that plan which openly included some pretty horrific details that he did know about. He was played at the end of the day and there is a reason why that was possible. But we don't get that, it all just became about feeling bad and saving Giles.

What everyone else has done kind of proves my point. They have been written to more readily face themselves and Angel isn't allowed to progress, they just repeat his mistakes another time. When he was falling to it again, in going ahead to resurrect Giles without thought about the consequences in the way he should have been, which Scott Allie acknowledged was falling to the same hubris, it was made alright by Giles having needed to be saved from Eyghon and his horror at being returned a child being placated by that and getting another chance. And that became the fallout, undoing a single act but not him reflecting on the larger issue. I like Angel's character and story but I want to see him learn about himself, not just be forgiven and us cross our fingers something as catastrophic doesn't happen again.

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