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May 29 2015

Your favorite Agents of SHIELD are in some really wacky Chinese Coke commercials. "In which Grant Ward reports to a man dressed as a polar bear."

I now want to see Brett Dalton and Alan Tudyk in a mandarin swearing contest.
Ward is basically walking around China asking people to marry him. Least subtle code phrase ever.
As someone suggested in the comments, it's a whole other layer of experience if you turn on the closed captioning for these videos and watch them again. It is hilariously wrong throughout.
Article by Sam Maggs. :) I messaged her that you linked. :)
Cute. Adorable to some extent.
How do you turn on the closed captioning? They're pretty funny as is, especially Ward. I'd like to know what he is actually saying and the response of the man to him.
Ward: Let's get married.

Passing man: Are you joking?

The closed captions are in the little button on the buttom right marked "CC". They're not a translation, but they're pretty funny.
Thanks Jason_M_Bryant

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