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May 29 2015

Promotional quotes for Felicia Day's upcoming memoir. Some glowing commentary from Neil Patrick Harris, Jane Espenson, and other notable personalities. The book will be available August 11.

Felicia is currently at Bookcon discussing her memoir, and for those with iTunes, you can read the first chapter of it at this link. Additionally, in conjunction with her memoir, Felicia gave a tour of her wonderfully eccentric office that includes Dr Horrible art and other Whedonverse references.

I'd buy it for the cover alone.
These aren't reviews. They're promotional material. I've edited the entry accordingly.
Thanks Sunfire. That's indeed a more accurate term. The adjustment is appreciated :)
She is speaking tomorrow in ny at Bookcon. Her panel is at 1 pm. Suddenly going to this event is more fun.
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It could have been a supervillain origin story.
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I was fortunate enough to see her panel and enjoyed the hour. She was gracious, articulate and funny. I event got to ask a question about whether her parents have yet read the book.

What impressed me the most was her expression of her motivation in writing the book to try to inspire people to not feel that their "weirdness" is always a negative. The audience was filled with a lot of teenagers and young people and I think her message was empowering to many.

I preordered the book.
And I forgot to mention, she announced that Joss Whedon is writing the introduction.

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