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June 01 2015

Agents of SHIELD promotes Luke Mitchell to regular. A little bit of Season 3 news to keep you going during the summer break.

He was the best out of the lead cast in the Tomorrow People. So yeah, this is a good development..
Cool for the addition, but what about Henry Simmons, unlike BJ last year, is not like he is committed to another show at the same time, he should be promoted also.

On the same line, considering how last season ended, I do expect we might be seeing more of Christine Adams in the show rather than less, maybe not as a regular but at least recur more.

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Obvious choice, nice for him. I don't mind the character but thought he was kind of flat but it's probably more a writing issue.

So we have Skye, Lincoln, probably Deathlok and maybe even the Multiple Girl from the finale for this new superpowered team. I'm assuming the rest will be new faces as the only other powered people we have are Cal's Indexed buddies and Lorelei from S1. None of them are going to be welcomed by SHIELD.
We don't know whether Donnie Gil is truly dead, do we? But yeah, we need some females on the team, too.
I like him and esp his powers so that's cool. He'll probably get beefier stuff in the new season.
Donnie is as dead as you can be in a comic book show. Shot and then we saw him sink into a watery grave. Now he had ice powers so maybe he could freeze and save himself by pulling a Steve Rogers and survive being suspended in ice, but it probably won't happen.
What about Mack?

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