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June 02 2015

Avengers: Age Of Ultron becomes 5th film in history to cross $900M internationally. Globally the movie has made $1.327B, making it the sixth biggest movie of all time (so far).

Maybe it's just me, but using "internationally" to mean "outside the United States" is deeply confusing.
Well domestic means US, US territories, and Canada so we just embrace it as industry specific lingo. :)
You can't change the lingo now.
The entertainment industry is about two decades behind reality as a rule.
So that means my going to see it again last night had no effect on this.
"Domestic" only means US and Canada if you are in US or Canada.
Accuracy in definitions is irrelevant when it comes to industry specific nomenclature. The terms mean what they mean because everyone who uses them for business in this specific industry agree on the definitions. What anyone else thinks doesn't really matter. :)

A "grip" also means a tech who works with lighting. Industry specific terminology is industry specific. No reason to take offense at it.

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But that's without the numbers from China right? Or am I missing something? I follow and they do not state what Avengers has made in China.
The Chinese numbers are included from what I can work out.
It does include China - which has been huge, if I recall it's just south of 300M. It has not opened in Japan yet - that'll be the first week in July I believe
I'm just annoyed that "Furious 7" has now passed "The Avengers" into the #3 all-time spot. :-(

Not that it really matters. Pretty soon any action movie that doesn't make at least $1.5 billion will be considered a failure.
It hasn't hit Japan yet, my friend over there is waiting eagerly until August. She left the US last year so this is her second Marvel Movie (first being GoTG) that she has had to wait months longer to see. #reasonstomoveback
It opens in Japan on July 4th.

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