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June 03 2015

Examining Joss Whedon's binned superhero films. Den of Geek looks at Joss's unmade comic genre films.

This covers 'Wonder Woman' and Batman. I knew some of this before but it includes details that I did not.

That's the first I've read so much detail about his take on Batman. It sounds great.

Honestly, I loved the Nolan Batman movies to pieces, but at this point I'm ready for a slightly less grim view of the character. Joss's idea of focusing on Bruce's original decision to be a hero sounds really refreshing.
Well I dare say it'd be better written than the Gotham show's take on it..
Well I dare say it'd be better written than the Gotham show's take on it..

As much as there is to criticize about that show, one of a handful of areas where I think they are doing an absolutely bang-up job is the Bruce Wayne storyline (starting all the way back with The Scream that Kevin Smith was so rightfully pumped about.) Imo it even bears strong shades to the sort of take on young Bruce that joss apparently had in mind. Honestly I think that if they were dispense with most of the side plots and just focus in on the developing story of Batman being Bruce Wayne (which is when true Batman stories shine) they'd be doing themselves a big favor.
God, I would have loved to see his take on Batman.

Maybe he could do a graphic novel or something, like an Elseworlds thing.

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