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June 03 2015

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel & Faith Season 10 #15. It's the Irish issue.

What I loved about the issue was the inclusion of Gachnar. That poor little fear demon just doesn't get a break, huh?
Really disappointed more confusion reigns over the mythology. Archaeus, I believe, is supposed to have provided the demon essence for The Master, not sired him, Archaeus isn't a vampire. But here Spike is calling him his great great great grandsire. Really wish they had worked this out clearly beforehand, this doesn't seem to match how Christos has explained it since the original confusion. *sigh*

The issue didn't seem to make anything of the opportunity of Angel being in Ireland either which was disappointing and Fred seemed pretty dismissive of Wes and of Angel's feelings about not reliving his past. Not that she wasn't sometimes a bit blunt and socially awkward, but still. Not my favourite A&F this season I'm afraid.

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Well I loved this issue. The artwork in particular is outstanding. It actually felt like I was watching an episode of Angel again! And God have I missed that..
I quite enjoyed the issue, but surprised no-one realised quite how uncool it is to use the word ''poofter'. Big more homophobic than intended, I expect!
The "poofter" sounded harsh, even to my American ears.

Am I the only one who found it a little... strange that Fred would want to hear about Angel/Angelus's first murder spree, and think it'd be "fun?" Has being possessed by Illyria hardened her a bit?

Gachnar! Poor guy. Someone should tell those folks that bleeding a fear demon is even tackier than taunting one.
I got Angel & Faith # 15 over the weekend.I liked the issue but do agree with others that it was basically filler and setup for the crossover.

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