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June 04 2015

Agents of SHIELD promotes Henry Simmons to series regular. Mack gets bumped up from recurring to regular. Go Mack!

Excellent. I've been hoping this would happen. He's been a great addition to the cast.
Yaaaaaaay!! Very good news!!
I think he's great. He fitted so well into the second season. No proper introduction, he just appeared and it felt right.
Great, now just hoping they'll make him canon gay/bi...
Hooray! Love Mack.
YESSSSS! Woo and hoo!

He brings a gravitas and decency to the role that's so appealing. Plus, kinda easy on the eyes.
High time, too!
Yay!!! Great news, wished it was announced along with Luke earlier this week. Well, ravels....
Hooray!!!!! Woooooot!!! I knew he'd be there through thick and thin!
I figured they would announce this as well. Announcements happen when deals are done and signed. That is why Luke's deal was announced separately. As far as we know there may be more announcements coming. The timing on this stuff is 100% dependent on lawyers.
Yes!!!! When does the season start filming? July or August?
This being the second such post I've seen now, I just want to point out that season 2 hasn't finished airing in the UK yet, and headlines like this really feel like spoilers, since now I know Mack and Lincoln make it out of the season alive, for example... In the last episode aired here, Mack quit - but I guess he comes back!

That said, Mack's excellent, so great news!

[ edited by Sian on 2015-06-04 23:38 ]
"I'm the guy who kills people who don't promote me to regular cast."

How can you argue with a pitch like that?
Sian: You never know. He could die in the last episode and then the actor could play his twin brother.
So. Very. Pretty.
"I'm the guy who kills people who don't promote me to regular cast."

How can you argue with a pitch like that?

RobynH | June 04, 23:50 CET

My favorite para-quote of the day! 😃
This is a pretty big cast we got going on. Happy for both additions.
Love Henry Simmons, wasn't so keen on Mack for a while. But after the last few episodes I'm very happy he'll be back. (I assumed though his new role in the world of SHIELD meant he didn't need to be on every week. I'm OK with being wrong.)

So... when are they going to announce that B.J. Britt will be back and that Trip is Inhuman too and has been invisible the entire time!?
Ricardo L. I was thinking the same thing. I have a theory (without bunnies) but since someone just mentioned not everyone's seen the end of Season Two I'll keep it to myself...for now.
The big cast could mean (1) somebody is going to die, or (2) they're still plotting a spinoff.
(3) They are giving the actors raises and promotions to keep them from making bigger commitments to other shows. Ward was still main cast all last season despite missing a number of episodes. I doubt they'll have everyone in each episode especially with more characters on the way for the New Powered Team. They'll probably shift focus from episode to episode like Lost did when it had 12 or so main cast.

But still good to hear, Mack is one of the more interesting characters going forward anyway since you can't predict exactly if/how he'll listen to Coulson.
(3) is also a good option.

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