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June 08 2015

Television writers reveal their favorite thing they've ever written. Whedonverse writers are on the list: Jane Espenson (#15), Maurissa Tancharoen (#20), and Drew Z. Greenberg (#47). Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is mentioned twice.

Ooooh good pick Jane. I like the Buffy, Once eps too but I was very invested in Miracle Day and loved Jane's episodes. That car ride was indeed well done.

Also, fascinating comments from Chuck Lorre on Roseanne and the Law and Order episode pick. I guess there was greater freedom for writers before social media. That's a good ep and I wonder what we are missing now. I think I want to be offended.

I cringed reading Lost. Love it but I still want to know who was in the outrigger!
I wish I could forget 'Miracle Day'. It wasn't bad per se (actually, it was what initially introduced me to 'Torchwood' and later 'Doctor Who', the latter being pretty much my favourite thing in entertainment these days) but it didn't feel like "Torchwood" any more. Especially after 'Children of Earth', which felt very much so and is probably my favourite season of any tv show ever.

Anyway, some rather nice entries here. I fondly remember FitzSimmons on the bottom of the ocean and 'Barry Goldberg's Day Off' among others like '24'. Though I really liked that show, I however don't remember that scene from 'Joan of Arcadia. Also, I cannot recall my dvd copies of 'Veronica Mars' to start with the opening, Thomas describes here. Confusing.
I really liked Torchwood: Miracle Day. It was one of the last shows my kids and I watched together, and we all looked forward to every episode. It was also the last good thing Jane worked on (IMO).
Having read Maurissas blog about when her Lupus flared last time I totally get what she means by saying that the FitzSimmons scene is deeply personal.
I also found Miracle Day wanting, especially after Children of Earth which was just wonderful.
I would also like to forget Miracle Day. I loved all of Torchwood before Miracle Day; Children of Earth was brilliant. Miracle Day felt like a pale imitation.
Interesting read. I still maintain the Lost S3 was one of the best finales ever,so this was a fun bit of trivia.

OUAT is in guilty pleasure territory for me. The writers seem like nice guys and Jane episodes always bring the humor and it has the occasional clever moment like how the Wicked Witch got the idea for Flying Monkeys. But aside from random/frustrating plotting (even for a show that has magic) their messages on good, evil and redemption are problematic to me. I have serious trepidation now that they promoted both Robin Hood and Zelena to main cast. They were part of a controversial (and soapy) plot twist last season and I'm nervous to see how they handle it going forward.
Children of Earth murdered me. I don't think I've ever cried so hard in my life.

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