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June 08 2015

Trailer for 'The Martian'. It's written by Drew Goddard and co-stars Chiwetel Ejiofor.

The book was really good, and I've loaned out the audio version to several people, who have also praised it. Hope the film does it justice.
Yeah, I loved the book. It's hard for me to picture it as a movie. But they've got a good team!
The book was excellent. The trailer looks great, as well! So happy that Drew and Chiwetel are involved.
(I was a little sceptical about Matt Damon at first but now I am officially convinced he is a very good choice.)
I loved the book too but wasn't on completely board with Damon. Thought we needed more of a wise ass. But he looks great!

So Goddard is involved and Ejiofor. Now I'm looking forward to it. Soon these original Whedony creators are going to need their own web pages.
"gonna have to science the shit out of this"

Yep. *adds movie/book to to-do list*
Isn't Sebastian "Bucky" Stan in this as well?

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