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June 09 2015

The ten scariest Buffy episodes. No prizes for guessing what came in at number one.

I hate when this lists have lots of pages. Sorry. No dice.

PS: It's Hush. It has to be Hush.
Quibble: I don't believe that Buffy was dead at the end of "Normal Again" but merely catatonic.
"Killed by Death" will always be the scariest for me.
Silly quibble: "running away from home to work as a waitress at another small town’s diner." If LA is a small town, I'd hate to see their idea of a big city.
Quibble III: Gnarl didn't change people's perceptions of reality, right? I think they were trying to refer to Willow's unconscious magic.
And he was only eating the skin, not her actual belly. And that's the weirdest thing I've ever typed on the Internet...
And the Gentlemen didn't chow down on their victims with impressive chompers, they cut out their hearts with scalpels.

And the Kindestod didn't have an extra set of jaws next to its eyes. It's eyes popped out of it's head on stalks.

The whole thing is full of these errors. As well as grammatical ones.
Major quibble of mine: The Body does indeed have a supernatural element, Buffy had to dust a vampire in the morgue -- an gross and beautiful example of the fact that your life does not actually stop when you lose a loved one, even though it seems impossible and cruel. The writer of this piece did not strike me as a "true" fan, if I may say so, and I felt some of the episodes chosen were more on the silly side than scary.

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