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June 10 2015

Vote for your five favourite Buffy episodes to air on ABC Family. The show will be airing on ABC Family at the end of the month and the channel is doing a "Fan Favorite" week which will feature episodes selected by fans (via TVInsider). There's fifteen Buffy episodes to choose from.

As for ABC Family airing the series, yay.

But I #$%!* wanted six...

I justified letting go of Chosen so newcomers don't see the series ending before they start formally watching.

You are welcome.
Pretty decent selection. Has all the usuals. I went with Once More With Feeling, The Gift, The Body, Hush, and Graduation Day Part 2. All the finales listed and Passion were tempting though.
I wonder if the ABC Family HD channel will show the Pivotised version of the Buffy episodes.
How much censoring of the show do you think they will do? Buffy had some pretty uh...non-family content.
They list Becoming part 2 but not 1, huh?
eddy-Their original programming has plenty of Adult themes, I don't think there's anything in Buffy more risque than what they already show.
From what I understand, PRETTY LITTLE LIARS is a lot more risqué than Buffy. ABC Family has skewed a lot more towards teens lately, so the inclusion of these shows makes sense.
For no particular reason (other than not going with only the most obvious choices) I voted for "Passion" (my favourite non-Whedon episode of the show), "The Zeppo", "Graduation Day" and "The Body".
They also ask for five episodes of "Dawson's Creek", but I did not watch that.
I also voted for Passion, because I LOVE THE FEELS :P
I had to include Fool for Love. It's my favorite non-Whedon, if not my overall favorite, episode.
Doppelgangland, Hush, Fool for Love, The Body, Once More with Feeing.

No Restless, but otherwise I'd watch that list any day.
I nearly matched you, just with Becoming Pt2 instead of Doppelgangland. But after the other four, which I easily picked out straight away from those listed, that fifth option could have fallen to a few of those depending on mood. I'd never watch them randomly anyway though, as I always say, they are at their best viewed in order. :)

[ edited by Stoney on 2015-06-11 01:03 ]
I would have gone with SELFLESS (one of Joss' favorite episodes)- it's got a little bit of everything including one of the highest numbers of references to other episodes of any ep in the series.
I went with all the season 2 episodes, Grad Day 2 and Once More With Feeling.
Glad I'll be able to watch it on TV again.
Voted for Innocence, Zeppo, Graduation Day Pt 1 and 2, and Fool For Love... thinking of which ones are good to watch as stand-alones or would hook a casual viewer!
I guess they took off the 'five' limit because I voted for twice that and they took it.

And how can anyone leave off "Becoming, Part 2"?
"Part 2" should not be aired without "Part 1".

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