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June 10 2015

ABC Fall 2015 premiere dates. Agents of SHIELD returns Tuesday September 29th. Agent Carter is still held for midseason. No word yet on how Agent Carter's two extra episodes will effect the schedule for AoS.

SHIELD will probably have a longer break and fewer repeats.
Huh ? 2014-15 had no Tuesday repeats of either AoS or AC. That's why the two extra Carters are such a
conundrum. The only days off were for the election, SotU, and the traditional 3 week break in December. The
SotU is sacrosanct and going past the 1st 10 days in December is highly undesirable. This years calendar has
11 Tuesdays between Sept 29 and Dec 8. I just can't see them going farther into Dec.

So if they pick up anything my guess is that they grab that 1st Tuesday in November for AoS since its an off off
year election in the US. For the schedule after X-mas that leaves 11 AoS's and 10 AC's. There are 18 Tuesdays
between Jan 5 and May 10 (not counting the SotU) so there are probably 3 double headers in there, one more
than this year.

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Also, this season AoS ended on May 12. It could go another week or so and still finish during sweeps.
@swanjun That would necessitate ABC dispensing with the 3 hour finale of DTWS which is unlikely.
The only way around it is some 2 hour eps scattered around. 2 hour premiere and finale for AC should work with a 2 hour mid season finale and finale for AoS.
Well they could have started a week or two earlier in September but likely that brings problems that make it unworkable.
Agree with IrrationaliTV. It can still fit if Carter gets 2 hours for both the opening and finale and SHIELD gets 2 hours to end both in December and again in May.
Given that mid-season finales are now a thing (WHY?), a two hour one is the next logical step.
I've become a fan of the mid-season finale for dramas since it forces our ginormous tv seasons to have two pieces that are shorter and more structurally coherent. I think there's less chaff in the season that way. I'm also a huge fan of the more predictable scheduling. Less on, on, off, off, off, on, oh does this show still exist.
Sunfire beat me to a lot of it. I would add that it allows a new story to start after X-mas which helps those who are behind for
whatever reason to get back in with a rather minimal catchup.
Instead of an entire show, they should just have more Carter flashbacks in SHIELD. I feel like what we saw of her on SHIELD is more like what was promised in the original One Shot. However, the move to L.A. sounds promising...bikinis.
Ha, 1940s-50s bikinis aren't going to be like the ones we have now.

Midseason finales are alright to me, though sometimes they can also mean forcing all the plot to happen so fast it overwhelms character moments if not pushing them to the side altogether. But they have positives and worked well for this show last year.
Bikinis weren't invented until 1946 (the year before this season), covered a lot more than they do now, and didn't catch on outside of France for many years. Peggy doesn't seem like the type anyway. Angie, maybe!
The story is moving to Los Angeles? I'm having flashbacks to "L.A. Confidential", now.
Also, I really want to see a non-dialogue simply-walk-through-the-background cameo by David Boreanaz at a slaughterhouse.
All the bikini talk is because of the one shot right?
eddy, that's what I was thinking. Dum-Dum cracks me up. I agree that bikinis probably aren't Peggy's style.
Does anyone know when S2 will be available, either via Netflix DVDs or Amazon Prime streaming? I would really like to catch up before S3 begins. Gr Argh!
S2 is available on Netflix streaming today. DVDs won't be available until I would guess September. I don't think it will be available for Amazon Prime free streaming since it is on Netflix already. Usually a big show like this only goes with one streaming service or the other. Not both.

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Season 2 is available for purchase from Amazon Instant Video, @ $1.99/episode, $34.99 for the season ($2.99/ep, $39.99 season in HD), if not too cost-prohibitive or if you've just missed certain episodes. Amazon Instant is actually how I got caught up on the latter part of season 1 before the box set came out last year - and how I saw Aftershocks this year after Time Warner failed to ever make the ep available in PrimetimeOnDemand....

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