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June 11 2015

(SPOILER) Buffyverse Season 10 comic book info for September. Angel & Faith #18, Buffy #19 and the Buffy Season 9 Vol. 3 HC are solicited this month.

I would say there are big spoilers in this for these issues in the blurbs/covers.

That is a great Buffy and Giles cover.
The Drusilla connection has me thinking...we learned in the recent issue that Angel sends Fred to look into the vampire prep school after he dreams of himself slaughtering a bunch of kids. We learn from Angel and Spike that these dreams really happened, although the attacks were not committed by Angel or Spike.

Now we know that Archeaus has a deep connection to all vampires in his line, including Darla, Drusilla, Spike, and Angel. The solicitation introduces the prospect that Drusilla is behind this vampire prep school. Perhaps that also means she's behind the original attack on the kids, meaning Angel dreams that it is himself committing the attacks when it's in fact Drusilla, whom he's connected to through Archeaus.

Assuming that's true, there's the mystery of who committed Spike's crimes in San Francisco in his dream. Some vampire he sired? Kind of a stretch, but would be an interesting surprise to see who it is. (Maybe even the vampire Sheila Drusilla sired from way back in School Hard, whatever happened to her?!)
If Dru met and turned Dylan it could be her. Archaeus would have had the option to give his essence to her if Dru had sired her. Dylan's alignment with the bad guys could be why she hasn't been heard of since she cropped up too. Archaeus can then take over Spike more fully, which he obviously thought he could, and he can place Spike/Dylan together for a while (which would be under Archaeus' control which is all kinds of yuck but something that the verse isn't shy of going near). That would all play on Spike's fears of being a monster again and then there is more merit in Buffy having seen the Harmony memory. In that she ignored that because she wasn't with him at the time, so can she ignore this when they were technically together but accept that he couldn't snap out of it when he could before... Damn that is bleak and pretty gross too given the lack of agency in it, I hope it doesn't go there.

It is also too much like Enemies, but with actual control taken away instead of the attempt to take Angel's soul. Too much repetition in it I hope, but the comics aren't averse to that and have already pulled the callback to S2 in the staging similar to the soul loss when Spike woke from the dream. *Sigh* I really hope it isn't going to be this.

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Wow, that's right, I almost forgot about Dylan! All of this speculation is probably off the mark, but I can't help but try to guess what's coming three steps ahead :)

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