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June 11 2015

What your favourite Buffy character says about you. Fandom fun courtesy of Bustle.

Hm, well, Giles was always one of my favorites, but I'm not at all like him.
So I guess having Jonathan as a favorite character indicates a deep and tangled nest of unresolved neuroses, or possibly just residual after effects of the Superstar spell.
I was expecting this to ring completely false for me, because these types of articles/quizzes usually do, but for once they actually hit the nail on the head. (My favorite is Buffy)
I kept reading and saying "Yeah, I can relate to that," but when /I got to Tara, they nailed it, and me.
Geez, that Tara one almost made me cry a little.
Okay so my fav is Spike - and that was eerily good.

Also have common grounds with Giles, Xander and Willow.

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