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June 16 2015

Can you identify the Buffy The Vampire Slayer character by these emojis? This belongs in the upper echelons of quizzes linked to from here.

13/13 woo hoo!
I got 13/13 but this was not one of the fun emoji quizzes. :(
It made me laugh.
12/13. I would not have picked those ones for Buffy, they fit Harmony more.
12/13. I thought Oz was Xander, thinking the wolf was a hiena and the guitar was from his dream.
12/13 -jumped the gun on Cordelia's, saw the money and thought it was Anya.
13 for 13 except that I mindlessly checked a wrong box despite knowing the correct answer, which, ADD, annoying. But, though I've never seen one of these quizzes, this one struck me as not the most concise, unless I'm missing a lot of the reasoning. Like why put warm delicious cookies for Dawn when that's a Buffy thing?
11/13. I missed Dawn and Cordelia.

I thought it was entertaining, and most of them I got right away. The Buffy one seemed a little off, though, and I'm still confused about why the Dawn one had cookies. Buffy is cookies.
13/13. I think the cookie for Dawn is because she enjoys eating cookie dough?
I have never seen an "emoji quiz" before (is this a thing?) and I thought it was hilarious. Only got tripped up on Angel. Thought it might have been Riley for some reason... Although in retrospect his would probably have had a tractor or something on it ;)
Cookies for Dawn as in "mmmmm... cookies!"
13 for 13 here.

It's like reading an Egyptian tomb.
13/13. That was fun!
12/13. Could not identify Xander. Why is he crying?
Maybe a reference to his being sick with the mystical syphilis in "Pangs."
12/13. I still don't get Buffy's ones. Why the umbrella? Is that meant to be from The Prom? Now I'm concerned that emojis don't cater to the communication needs of slayers.
The umbrella is Buffy's Class Protector award.
11/13, Missed Xander (thought it was Buffy boinking then bonking Parker) and Buffy (put Harmony because I couldn't see what they were going for)
Class protector. Thank you, @AndrewCrossett
12/13 - Kicking myself for missing Spike. It's what I get for taking this quiz while trying to multitask at work.
I don't even understand those things. Emojis? What is that? You're supposed to interpret words from the pictures?
12/13 - I missed Buffy also.
You are not alone, ShadowQuest. I believe my 38 years makes me unnable to keep up with the internet trends/memes/stuffs :(
Dude I'm 53. The Buffy fandom knows no age. 13/13
THANK you, Matt7325! I should've gotten that reference! (I did guess Dawn correctly, between the [I think] "writing thoughts in a journal" clue and the, well, "key", but wondered what that clue was about.)

I got 12 of 13 - all but Buffy herself. Guessed that the heart w/ arrow was a reference to the heart w/ a stake through Faith drew in a foggy window, and the rainy umbrella to her Shawshank-esque ending to her coma dream....

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