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June 18 2015

Agents of SHIELD will be at Comic-Con. TVLine says there will be a "Marvel Television Presents" panel in Ballroom 20 at 3pm on the Friday.

Good to see the entire main cast there. Also this basically confirms Jarvis will be back for Agent Carter again.

These aren't all the panels just what is confirmed at the moment. Bookmark the link to track updates.
Ballroom 20? Really?
It's based on expected crowd size. With Marvel Studios not going this year (probably waiting a few weeks for D23) the shows are on their own which means less of a crowd.
Ballroom 20?! Might as well just kick them in the 'nads!

What is ballroom 20? Like, a really small ballroom?
Ballroom 20 is huge. It's where Joss does his panels.
Yes, when I say "less of a crowd" I mean compared to Hall H or any of the major film panels. Go on YouTube and compare a video from one of those panels to a Joss-only panel and you can tell it's a smaller area but still filled with a lot of fans.

Big Bang is also doing their panel in Ballroom 20 this year, they always get a lot people for it.
Ballroom 20 is the second largest room at SDCC. It seats north of 4k I think.
Oh really? I know Hall H is the big one but if you're right that's really good of Marvel for locking it down especially ehen one show doesn't even start until 2016.
All the big TV shows (and some of the not so well known ones) are in BR20 on Friday and Sat. Movies are in Hall H on Friday and Sat. TV then takes over Hall H on Sunday and Ballroom 20 is pretty much empty. This pattern has been effect for the last 4-5 years. It is completely expected and at the same time unremarkable that Marvel TV shows are in BR20 on Friday. That being said, I'm not going for the first time since 2005 and am both sad and relieved by that fact.

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