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March 31 2004

News from the Save Angel Rally in LA today. At least 90 people showed up by the end of it along with TVGuide and other news film crews to cover the rally.

I realize this makes me sound ignorant, but...90 is good? 90 is a lot?...what was the expected turnout?
I think less than 20 people showed up for the first rally, so 90 sounds pretty damn good to me.
It's damned good. Actual numbers were over 100, and the media coverage was fantastic. Watch the Ryan Seacrest show tomorrow for some.
Well, EdDantes and I were there. It was pretty sweet. Just a ton of people, the whole gamut of the demographic range was there. It was very nice to be a part of.
Thanks- I really had no idea what to expect from this. The media coverage does sound great.
90 people just doesnt seem like enough to do much..........thats just my opinion.
To me, 90 people sounds like a heck of a lot for a tv show. It'd be peanuts for a political rally, but for something like Angel? Pretty damn good! That kind of turnout, plus the media coverage, is great. Good for these people. Angel may be beyond saving, but at least some people are not letting it go gently into that good night.
This is good to hear. Any positive media attention is good for the cause. I wonder if there were any local news (TV or newspaper) outlets there.
The TiVo newsletter had a little entry about the efforts to save AtS. Sadly it's not available on the web so I can't link to it, but here's the text:

Praying for Angel
Fans of "Angel" don't let a Joss Whedon show bite it so easily. Two weeks ago, they hired (at $700 a day) a billboard truck to drive around Los Angeles and park at strategic locations (including THR's Wilshire Boulevard offices, Warner Bros. and the WB, Paramount, UPN, HBO and 20th Century Fox), pronouncing, "We will follow 'Angel' to hell . . . or another network." "We just want it known that we're concerned that the end seems near for quality TV drama. We don't want to lose the one last tie we have to the Joss Whedon universe," Theresa Fortier, one of the instigators of the Web site, told The Hollywood Reporter. Some $22,000 from several hundred donors have been raised in just a few weeks.
Really, if you click on just one link about the rally, let it be this one. Some fans got very creative with Angel & Spike figurines at yesterday's rally. Mr. Gordo was there too. :-)

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Yeah we were there and my wife nearly stole some of those figurines. I have to buy her some now, hehe. The signs the were carrying were hilarious.

Herc from Aint It Cool was there too, but he was more there to 'hang out' I think. He sort of stood at the back looking cool, hehe. Well I saw him carry a sign for a few minutes before he left. And that same exec showed up again, walking his dog. He was sort of nice, but had to throw in a subtle sneer here and there like how this turnout was 'nothing compared to the one for Howard Stern'. Like that has anything to do with anything.

I have to say it's a lot nicer standing in a crowd of 90+ than 15+. Atmosphere was good and people were pretty enthusiastic with the shouting and the chanting. Far more cars seemed to be honking in support too.

What I also liked was the incredible diverstity of the people. All types. Suits straight from the office, young girls, old men with beards, more 'alternative' types, young dudes, middle aged people, white, black, etc. Same goes for the people that honked. I have a feeling that if this was a Dawsons Creek rally or something, it would've been 95% teenage girls.

My favorite was this really REALLY old couple in a car that honked. The woman was especially enthusiastic, waving, thumbs-uping and honking her husbands horn. (No double entendre btw. Get yer minds outta the gutter!)

As for it 'not doing much', I don't expect it to do anything at all. But it showed how much this series is loved. That's why we were there.
EdDantes, That's great that there was such a diversity in age, race and social class. And it's very heartwarming to hear how passionate fans are about the show. I don't expect it will change the WB's minds, but it does make a strong statement.

I just wish I could have been there.

Wren, your link doesn't work.
works now - thanks electricspacegirl.
Those pics are hi-larious. Round of applause to all involved.
"Grrr Oink!" That's fabulous--thanks for the link Wren!
I love the "will brood for food" caption.
Thanks, wren. I love the action figures protest! "Save the stupid git." Oh so funny!
I would do the linky thing, but I don't know how, so you are gonna have to just settle for this:

More indept talk about the rally
Thanks for that link too nychick. Very informative.

And I took that "Which Character are You?" quiz elsewhere on the WB board--I'm Fred. Has that been posted here? It's kinda fun.
he he... I'm Fred too.
Ed, what do you mean 'almost' stole? Haven't you seen the array of figurines lining the window sill? ;)
No, like he said, it was just great. I was proud to be a part of it, and yes, the diversity was amazing.
The honking cars were great, but the real 'gets' were the people driving out of the WB lot and honking! I guess there is dissension in the ranks.

As soon as Ed can get our camera to communicate with our pc, we'll put some pics up on our site too!

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