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June 22 2015

Supreme Court Justice names "The Avengers" as her favorite film. Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan is known in judicial circles as a pop culture nerd and to make a propos media references unfamiliar to the other justices. She names Joss Whedon's first Marvel film as her favorite film.

Rachel Maddow just reported that Justice Kagan made four Spider-Man jokes during today's Spider-Man toy patent case. Unfortunately, Mr. Scalia did not use his telepathic superpowers to reveal to us, the Founding Fathers' original intent vis--vis Spider-Man.
Hmmm, the Avengers is my favorite film too. I guess great minds think alike (LOL)....
That's very cool, and fun! ...but Tausif, how did you even find this information? I'm impressed!
Am now picturing the justices debating Civil War. (The Marvel kind, not the American kind.)
Jocelyn, I can't speak for Tausif's methods, obviously, but the U.S. Supreme Court is about to offer rulings on two extremely high profile cases (the President's healthcare act and gay marriage) and so the Court is getting a lot of attention right now.
the ninja report is partly correct. I found an article on yahoo news which discussed Kagan's recent opinion on a case involving Marvel's duties in paying royalties to a person who had made web shooters based on the spider-man comic. Kagan referenced spider-man television series as well as the original comic in writing her opinion. There was a tweet embedded into the story which linked to the profile I posted above, that's it really.
Apropos, Justice Kagan's majority opinion in the Kimble v. Marvel Entertainment case was posted yesterday, and included a citation to Spider-Man's "great power" maxim, referencing Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, in the decision. Check out page 18 (21 of the PDF) of the Opinion:

Justices Alito, Roberts and Thomas dissented, probably because not fans.
Tausif, thanks for explaining. I was positing superhero abilities in sniffing out that story!
With great sniffing, comes great congestability.

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