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"I brought you some supper but if you'd prefer a lecture, I've a few very catchy ones prepped...sin and hellfire... one has lepers."
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June 22 2015

Happy birthday to Joss Whedon! He turns 51 today.

Happy birthday bossman! May you have many more happy and creative years to come.
Happy Joss Day!
Happy Birthday, friend
Happy Birthday Joss! Very much looking forward to your next project, whatever that may be
Happy birthday, Joss!! Looking forward to your next project!
Happy Birthday!
Have a great birthday Joss!
Hope you have an amazing (and relaxing) Birthday Joss! You've certainly earned it!
Hope he has a lovely stress free day with family & cake.
Happy happy birthday, Joss! Much love to you.
Happy Birthday! Hope it is filled with all good things!
Gratulerer med dagen, kjćre Joss! May you somehow receive gifts as wonderful and amazing as the many you've given us!
Happy birthday Joss! Hope you had a cracking lie-in.
I just introduced a friend to Buffy today (watched the first half of the first season), seems like an appropriate way too celebrate Joss' birthday! (Happy birthday purple one.)
Ad multos annos!
Many happy returns, sir!
Many happy returns of the day, Jossir. We are giving you many more Can't Stop The Serenity events as a present.
Happy Birthday Joss!
Happy Birthday, Joss! Thanks for everything!
Happy birthday, Joss. You'll always be younger than me. ;)
Happy Birthday Joss! I hope you enjoy a joyful day, shared with those you love.
Happy Birthday, Joss!
Happy birthday, you crazy beautiful man!
Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday, dear. Thank you thank you thank you for great stories, amazing friends, saving my life. I hope you're having a restful time, but only as restful as you want it to be. I hope you get to spend a ton of time with your kids. I hope you party with Aly and Alexis. I hope each day of your life is more awesome than the last. My heart is full for you, all the time.
Have the best birthday ever (at least until next year) filled with all the people & things you love the best!
Happy birthday!

I didn't get you anything. Vestigial, mode, something something. Sorry.
Happy Birthday! Hope it goes better then Buffy's do.
Happy Birthday! Are you ready to get down, you funky party weasel?
And many more!
Happy Birthday Joss. Can't wait until I see your next project, you never let me down, but I hope you're enjoying a well earned break. Much love xx
Happy birthday, young man!
Happy Birthday Joss. Buffy is the greatest TV show of all time, with Firefly and Dr. Horrible close behind. Thank you for all your great work. You have provided me countless hours of enjoyment, and I truly believe you have improved my quality of life with your work, which touches me so deeply.
Happy Birthday, Jossir!

I hope you are actually able to take a creative fallow period to restore & rejuvenate, and do some fun traveling with your family. (Speaking of, congrats on your new niece. ; ] )

We miss you on twitter, but heck - I'd rather you enjoy what you're writing, *and* ultimately get to see the fruits of it. As always, thanks for your work which has meant so much to me.

And 51 ain't hardly nothing, I swear.
Happy birthday, Joss! Thanks for so generously sharing your wonderful talents with all of us. The world is a better place for it. Many happy returns.
Many happy returns - can't wait to discover what you get up to next!
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday, Bold Purple Dude! Hope you're doing what you love, and not just because it generally winds up being something we love, too! Thanks for leading a life worth celebrating.
Parabéns, Joss!
Also, my father birthday.
Many happy returns!
Best wishes to a man who my T-shirt says is my master, since he "mastered" TV, movies, Shakespeare, musicals and making internet entertainment attractive (right, Netflix?)
God Damn It Joss...stop getting older and looking so YOUNG you free spirit, you. I hope life is good. I hope there have been fruity drinks and TV game shows and sploshing in a pool. But, knowing you, you're probably holed up in your private cottage with the white boards, markers, diagrams and ... ahem. Carry on, much love.
Happy Birthday, Joss! Will do a dance of joy in your honor.
Late to the party as always but happy birthday anyway, Joss. Your work still retains the power it did the first time I ever saw it.

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