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June 24 2015

Buffy is one of the greatest tv characters ever according to Empire Magazine poll. She came in eighth beating Jack Bauer, Omar Little and Frank Underwood.

That's a decent showing given how of the moment the tv poll is. (For instance, normally in one of these you'd expect to see the Doctor in the top two, but instead it's Breaking Bad and Games of Thrones characters..)

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Here's the part where we say someone is missing from the list. Then we forget all about it, anyway.

A list like this without Spock on it indicates that the majority of people participating have the tunnel vision of inexperience. Also, only one woman on each list of ten?

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The voters definitely have short attention spans. It's pretty amazing Buffy made it when the show ended so long ago. Outside of the Wire, everyone else has been on screen fairly recently. Also, anyone else notice Joss has written for both the female characters that made the lists?
Another reminder that Hollywood needs to get off its collective butt and write more excellent, interesting, complex women characters. Only 1 per list. That *really* says something. And yes, it is pretty amazing how Buffy has stood the test of time. Yay, Joss!

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