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June 24 2015

The ultimate Buffy the Vampire Slayer poll. Fifteen questions courtesty of BuzzFeed.

That was fun! I'm with the majority on many, minority in a few, but... no "Standing in the Way/Under Your Spell"? That'd've been my pick for best song. Head's singing, and the harmonies with Benson, are chillingly good.

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I was surprised that under the minor villain they had Marcie and Sunday and Gwendolyn Post, but no Mr. Trick and no Ethan Rayne.
That was too difficult. In most cases, I don't really have a favorite, because the choices are all equally good.
It got me a bit sad to see the lack of 'no. 1' love for season 7.
I'm out of step with nearly everyone who responded to the poll...
I'm sooo out of step with most of the winning choices on this poll. Still at least now I can say for the first time ever, that I'm part of the 1%.. ;)
Poor Dawn, still SMH. Rest in Piece? There's a new slant on the song... (sorry, it's the proofreader in me).

Standing is my favorite Once More With Feeling song and it's not even listed.
That felt kind of odd to me. I do have certain favs and ships and eps but declaring it in a poll seemed somehow hostile to my beloved other characters, eps, etc.
2,135 people have voted for "cookie dough"?!? Ye gods!
I didn't like being asked about my favorite of the original Scoobies - I liked them all very much, for very different reasons. Filops, I'm right with you about the favorite song! But it was interesting - I was with the majority about 1/2 the time. One or two minor characters I didn't even remember! As I keep saying, I need to re-watch both BtVS & Angel.

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