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June 25 2015

Joss Whedon's 7 best quotes about writing and life. Words of wisdom from Joss.

As per Tim Minear (via Facebook):

And the number two quote is...
Um.... actually... Oh, never mind.
Let's just be clear here -- it should say Joss Whedon's 6 best quotes. And one by some other dude.
I've edited this post more than the last three scenes I've written for AHS.

Yikes. To be fair, Hypable is right that even though Joss may or may not have written that quote, the idea behind the quote applies to most of his works (especially ANGEL). Not saying Tim doesn't deserve credit though.
In fairness to the article it does acknowledge that the line in question was in a Tim Minear written episode- but it has been attributed too and claimed by Joss.
(This old Q&A by Joss has him appearing to claim the quote as one of the few times he got to properly express his views on the world around the 2.28 mark

So I can understand why the writer of the article may have assumed it was a Joss line that got inserted into Tim's episode- although Tim Minear's facebook post obviously would suggest that this was not the case
Yikes. To be fair, Hypable is right that even though Joss may or may not have written that quote, the idea behind the quote applies to most of his works[...]

Imo totally (one of the reasons why I love tim so much is that he is so good at integrating himself into the psyches of his collaborators.) With that said - speaking as someone from a family of writers - give credit where credit is due.

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Yes, poor Tim. How frustrating for him. Reminds me a bit of how Robert Lopez gets forgotten when people are talking about the creators of "Book of Mormon" (but he got his own back with "Frozen").

(Just listened to that Q&A referenced above - it sure does sound like Joss is saying he wrote that. Hm. Interesting.)

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Can of worms here:
And when fans were disappointed with Black Widow* in Avengers: Age of Ultron, they had every right and reason to be.

People have the right to be disappointed at any time, whenever they feel their expectations are unmet. Disappointed people rarely, in my experience, ever bother to assess whether their expectations were reasonable in the first place.

And I'm not convinced that those disappointed people had good reason. (They are of course free to disagree with me.)

* The article links to the SNL rom-com spoof at this point, which doesn't help their case IMO.
I have my own can of worms with that article, in that someone "kindly" passed it on to Tim at his Facebook. What can possibly be gained at this juncture by intimating that? Anyway, I left my mild 2 cents there.

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