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June 26 2015

These shows helped shape America's attitudes about gay relationships. With same-sex marriage legalized in the United States today, TIME looks at television shows that influenced the modern gay rights movement.

It only just happened, but I think Sense8 deserves a mention. It features 2 incredibly strong gay romances, both are tied for my favorite. It hasn't been around long enough to have had an influence, but I have no doubt that it will.
I think they picked the most popular shows (Sense8 has a pretty limited audience for now). Shameless isn't on there either despite the show featuring one of the most realistic gay couples on television.
Sense8 definitely has no influence. Sense8 also is the best thing I've watched on "TV" this year.
I also think it's damn time we got at least one LGBT character on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Or, you know, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe period (Victoria Hand doesn't count).
At least two LGB characters on AOS please, we wouldn't want them to have no chance of a relationship. One T character would be a start.
Glad Buffy was on the list but not sure about the write up. I think it had a much bigger impact to have Willow identify as a lesbian then just have characters who were gay all along. It was a profound change for a lot of young fans, along the lines of Ellen.

I agree - AoS needs some LGBT please.
No mention of Orphan Black, which has gone the full spectrum of LGBT. The show has made a full and open commitment to the community, and the community has embraced them as well.
No love for Xena and Gabrielle?
That's a good point about Xena. That definitely deserves a mention over Friends and Roseanne.
Sorry to me Xena and Gabrielle make a better statement as friends.

Stupid Time wouldn't let me back out. Sinc e I didn't watch the other shows I learned a little today.

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Good point about Orphan Black, MissKittysMom. I'm still not sure how wide of an audience the show has managed to reach, but I imagine the show's cult status will grow in the coming years (though I felt season 3 took a considerable hit in quality).

In terms of the MCU, it frustrates me that there have now been eleven films and three TV shows so far but not a single LGBT character anywhere (I doubt there will be one in Ant-Man either). AoS toyed with our emotions with Fitz/Mack and Bobbi/Jemma last season, but nothing panned out (yet).
I also thought Orphan Black deserved a mention. Does anyone really credit Friends with furthering gay rights, regardless of its popularity?
Well, FRIENDS is one of the most popular sitcoms of all time (if not THE most popular). The show didn't handle gay characters and relationships all that well, but it at least brought them to the public's attention. Some examples:

1. Ross's ex-wife and her partner got married and raised a child together.
2. Although Chandler's father was often the butt of jokes, he/she was eventually portrayed in a more sympathetic light later in the series. It's unknown if his father was transgender or just did drag shows.
3. There are various hints at Phoebe being bisexual in the show.
4. There are many instances of the male characters on the show flirting with eachother (and the female characters doing likewise). One could argue that this was 'queer-baiting', but for the 1990's, even that level of affection displayed between same-sex individuals on television was rare.

Here's an article that outlines some of the arguments for and against FRIENDS being LGBT-friendly:
Oh, and in reference to Roseanne. I suggest folks go back and rewatch the series. After the first few seasons, Roseanne became very, very gay (in a good way- mostly). The show brought various LGBT characters to average midwest viewers.

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So they mentioned Tara's relationship with Willow… but chose to show a picture of the cast without Amber Benson in it. Somehow that's so typical.

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