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June 27 2015

'Dark Horse: An Afternoon with Joss Whedon' - a Comic-Con panel. This will be on the Saturday at 4:45pm in Hall H.

Shouting with Joy that he's talking Buffy & Firefly and whatever else non Marvel again!!!!!

I did enjoy his Marvel run. Just happy for this!!!!!!

So who will be there?
Yay! Joss emerges from self-imposed exile!
This should be good. He hasn't really talked about the Buffyverse comics since early S9, I wonder what he'll have to say about the rest of it and where S10 is now?
This should inject some new readership to the comics. I'm excited to catch up on them and see whats coming.
It's cool that he is getting put in SDCC's biggest room. However, unfortunately with everything going on in Hall H, it's likely going to be hard to get in. I went to SDCC in 2011 and was quite lucky that it wasn't that hard to get into the room, like perhaps an hour and half before the room opened.
Hall H? He's getting hall H all to himself. Awesome.
How did Dark Horse got him Hall H this year. Wow.....
The previous years this panel used to be in a smaller rooms, right, either Indigo or Ballroom 20?

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Forty-five minutes? Did I read that right? Yikes, it's barely enough time to say "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," let alone discuss all the items they have on their agenda!
45 minutes is quite standard for "single" panels, the question will be how long will the Q&A section will be. There's probably going to be websites coverage of it, looking forward to it.
Ah, thank you, Numfar~ I know not the ways of the convention, and thought the 45-minutes included Q&A. Definitely hope for web coverage! Nifty.
It would be a nice surprise if he popped in on the Marvel TV panel.
I probably won't want to watch the Buffy thing because I've only read as far as the library editions.
I hope someone will ask him about the Buffy HD debacle, I hope he got a chance to look into it.

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