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June 27 2015

Morena Baccarin in the ultimate PSA from the Onion. Our favorite companion joins other celebrities to speak out in a powerful PSA.

I think I made a contribution to this group.
I missed where the onion is credited.
Clickhole is an Onion site.
It's about time that someone took a stand!
I'm... pretty sure I'm against it. So many celebrities can't be right.
I would really like to know how this was all arranged. By any chance is there a "The Making Of ..." video?
Yeah, it's hard to not be forů um, whatever they were forů
In the Communications field it is what we call an Appeal to Emotion and is one of the key components of Propaganda - Kudos to The Onion for distilling it so masterfully.

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At least we know we're going forward. On whatever it is we're going forward on.
Thanks, Simon. I learned something new today.
I guess we fill in our favorite cause? If favorite is the correct word. Climate change / LGBTQ Rights / conservation, or hey, how about Equality Now? ...... I agree, a "making of" video would be fascinating.

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I'm not entirely sure what the "making of" would cover... It seemed pretty obvious to me that this satire was edited together from a variety of actual PSAs. That's the basis of the joke - that PSAs follow such a familiar formula that, once you take out the name of what they're actually fighting for, they could all easily splice together in one meaningless spot.
I'm ready to move forward, provided I'm allowed to move backwards first. Or maybe sideways, laterally, like a crab.

I'm so there - wherever that is... when I get there. #BecauseItwasAlreadyTime

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