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June 29 2015

If Buffy the Vampire Slayer was British. "In "Ted", Ted would have been played by David Jason."

As a Brit myself I only find this mildly amusing. Mainly because, it is not, in any respect, actually wrong.
That was very funny. :-)
That was awesome, but #83 is why I am so grateful that BtVS was an American show!!
The Nescafe ad comment amused me way too much. :D
Is this funny? It makes uncomfortably too much sense to me.
I've always wondered how dangerous the UK would be if vampires existed. With all the cloud cover, they'd be able to go outside in the day for half the year!
This is fun, though it often seems like Buffy is already more popular in the U.K. than it is the United States (even without being set in the U.K.).
13. Buffy would be among the least violent teens at her high school.
Is this spposed to means that K kids are more niolent than Yamkee ones? I don't think so.

23. Xander would be called Alex.
I believe in French dubbing he is.

82. Basically just Skins with vampires.

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