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June 30 2015

Enver Gjokaj returning for Agent Carter season 2. So says Other cast remembers are expected to return as well.

His acting is so very impressive. I'm looking forward to catching up, when the season is available on Netflix or wherever.
Really pleased to hear it. Enver is such a good actor. I'll never get over how great he was at every character (especially Topher) on Dollhouse.
Hooray! This is great news!
Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! (I'm still so pumped that they're bringing back Agent Carter.)
Cool. Glad to see the reoccurring cast is all likely returning as well although I don't know how they'll explain all of them moving to LA.

I try to avoid shipping most of the time but can Peggy and Sousa finally get some progress pretty please?
Very good news!
Awesome! So glad to hear it.

Can't wait for the day he actually gets to star in something, though.
Excellent news, Enver is so talented. Hoping James D'Arcy will be around too. I liked his 'proper' relationship with Peggy as Jarvis.
Moving to LA is easy enough to explain. The SSR is setting up a new office. The highest ranking guy in Peggy's office is put in charge and gets to select a few people to go with him.

Jarvis goes with her because Tony tells him to.

Peggy's roommate is an actress. Of course she's going with Peggy to LA.
So everybody goes to LA? -.-
Yay! Now they need to find a story reason for him to impersonate one of the regular characters (the scene between Victor/Topher and actual Topher is one of the highlights of my TV viewing life).
I am a little disappointed that they aren't keeping the New York setting. I liked it.

But as long as we get more Peggy and Jarvis, and keep Enver and Angie around, I can adjust to some changes.
I liked the NY setting too, but am hopeful they'll go for a quasi-noir "Chinatown/LA Confidental" kinda thing with the CA relocation. That could be fun - behind the fašade of starlets, prosperity, and glitz lies ..... Hydra! :)

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