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July 01 2015

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel & Faith Season 10 #16. It's the first part of the "Those Who Can't Teach, Teach Gym" arc.

The "Bronze Age", LOL.
It's the first time ever that Angel isn't there in something with "Angel" in the title. It's never happened before, neither in ATS, nor in IDW comics. Thanks a lot, DH.
It actually happened already in the IDW comics. In issues 24 and 25 of the ongoing it was a Drusilla only story.
Well, the title is Angel & Faith, not Angel ... and also Faith. She's already been out of the book several times in recent issues so I don't mind that the writers try to put some balance.
Yes, faith in Angel, however IDW issues 24 and 25 are not canon.
All of the IDW issues written by Brian Lynch are all cannon (more our less). Even the books written before ATF. Beta George first appeared in SPIKE: ASYLUM, if I'm not mistaken. Even the movie from the ANGEL ANNUAL, starring "Nicholas Cage" and parts of issues #24 and#25 are specifically referenced in the SPIKE (8 issue) ongoing (which was written as cannon). Even though they may not have been stated to be cannon, Bryan Lynch managed to reference all his Angelverse books and backdoor then into continuity.

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