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"Three months of this. And he dusts our only lead."
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July 01 2015

Joss Whedon will be doing a Conversations for a Cause panel at Nerd HQ. This will be on July 12th at 12pm in the New Children's Museum in downtown San Diego. Tickets go on sale tomorrow. If you can't make it, IGN will be streaming all the panels.

I envy who can make it in person, but as ever excited for the live streaming

Always worth reminding how awesome these can be:
If someone is going, can you ask him about the whole Buffy HD debacle? Hopefully he had time to look into it.
I saw Joss at NerdHQ 2012 due to the generosity of a Browncoat at Twitter who knew someone who had an extra ticket ... thanks for linking that! I have some great photos I took as well. I also saw Joss speechify, I think it was 2011 in the Indigo Ball Room as part of Comic-Con. Anyway, I love what Zachary Levi does and that the money goes to charity. My re-California sojourn of 10+ years ended in January and thankfully so. Maybe I will return next year, money willing, as a tourist, as I totally support these panels.
I love Nerd HQ. A great cause, great conversations and for those who are not fortunate to attend can watch live for free and donate if they wish.
Such an awesome list of panels. Sounds more fun than SDCC itself. Not that I'm going to either but I will be streaming them.

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