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July 03 2015

What video game should Rocksteady Studios make next? EW suggests The Avengers or Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I would sell my soul for another Buffy game!
I haven't played Arkham Knight yet, but I'd definitely play a Buffy game from them. Hell, I'd play an avengers one, too, but that seems somehow even less likely.
The first Buffy XBox game really nailed the combat, but the framerate was poor. The second one nailed the framerate but completely messed up the combat!
Buffy would be awesome but Firefly is more video-game ready. I'd play them both. (Not at the same time though.)
>> Buffy would be awesome but Firefly is more video-game
>> ready. I'd play them both. (Not at the same time though.)

Vera, meet Mr. Pointy. You kids play nice together now. OK?
Rocksteady are real pros. They could hit an Avengers game out the park.
I'd love to see Telltale games take on a Whedon property. Buffy and Firefly might be too combat-heavy to be a good fit, but I think an Angel Telltale game could be amazing. C'mon, game studios, feed our nostalgia!
It pains me to say it, the commercial viability of a big-budget Buffy game diminishes by the year. As much as I consider the show to be a seminal piece of television, it went off the air 12 years ago, as EW pointed out.

The comics are great, too, but I do not think any rights-holder would pay Rocksteady to make a game based on a defunct TV show and a moderately successful independent comic book. Assuming this game wouldn't hit the market until 2017 at the earliest, imagine how many XB1 and PS4 players would have been born *after* the show ended.

Don't get me wrong - I would LOVE to see this game happen, but it's not. Frankly, I do not see the point of this EW article in the first place. I'd wager that every single one of us here can spitball blue-sky ideas as well as Aaron Morales.

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Gee, way to be a pessimist rvashko. Quite frankly, Rocksteady is the PERFECT developer for a Buffy game. You're right, the show is getting old for a video game, but I think in a world of Netflix and a "nostalgia is cool" mindset, it's totally viable. Buffy and Angel (and Firefly, like some mentioned) are still very popular on Netflix. And Buffy is coming to ABC Family, which will introduce more of the right age to the series.

Not a TON of work would even need to be done to make Buffy into another game. I mean, sure, you need a couple years to put it together and everything, but the combat/structure is already in place. Rocksteady wouldn't need to start from scratch.

I don't really consider myself a gamer, but I adore the Batman games they've made and my mouth waters to think about a Buffy game with the same combat system and mission structure.

An open-world Sunnydale with iconic locations. Buffy's house. Giles' house. The Magic Box. The old high school. Angel's old mansion. A main over-arching story with side missions involving lesser Buffy villains. The original cast. Something tells me SMG would show up this time, but if she didn't, the other girl was great too.
I'm a pessimist because I'm a realist? Also, this writer for EW just pulled the idea out of his ass. Like I said, it was idle blue-skying that has no basis in fact or even reality.

I never said a Buffy game developed by Rocksteady would not be fantastic. But seriously, is any company really going to front a Rocksteady-sized budget for a "Buffy" game? I commend your love of and loyalty to the show, but there are many other, shall we say, hotter and more lucrative properties that Rocksteady could work on that project a higher ROI than a Buffy game.
I could see TellTale doing a Firefly game. In fact, I think that would be the best Whedon-verse show to fit their style. Angel would certainly be a close second, but Firefly has a much larger avenue for stories to play out in and I could see their art style being much more fitting. I would also say Firefly has the least focus on combat of any of the series; the ship doesn't even have any weapons!

But a Buffy game by Rocksteady? Could work, particularly following the style of combat used in the Batman Arkham games. I wouldn't want to see them handling the story/script though. I've not played Arkham Knight (PC player and, for those not in the know, the game is in such a state that they have had to pull it from sale,) but the previous games have been rather lacking in the plot area. They have some nice smaller touches (scarecrow in the first game, the Joker/Batman relationship in the second that built up to that wonderful moment in the closing credits,) but they also had some dreary dialogue and really absurd story choices (Joker Hulk, anyone?)

Still, I wouldn't mind seeing them give it a shot, in the unlikely event that this would ever happen. I never did play the other games (again, PC player,) so would love to see another one made.

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