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July 04 2015

Fan Friction - an improvised live Whedon show. On July 14th, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina by self-professed super Whedon fans (including Whedonesque's own Kiba) at the Dirty South Comedy Theatre - dreaming up and performing an episode of Firefly you only wish you got to see.

Followed by "Live Action Fan Fiction": the best of the worst - absolutely *not* to be missed.

(More episodes set in different Whedon'verses may be scheduled after their first July date.)

This sounds awesome - break lots of legs y'all!
GOOD LUCK! *sends you positive energy*
I'm sincerely hoping the show will be available online somehow. If it is, I'll drop a link in the comments here.
Wish I could go to this(I live in Charlotte) but I have to work.
Sweet. Break a leg!
Hope it went great!
I am so hoping it will be online too!
Seems like the ticket prices on the web sight might be slightly off. I'll definitely be there though.
PerplexedSquirrel, ticket is $6, but if you come to DSI Game Night at 7, you can stay for Fan Friction for free. I'll let management know about the disconnect on Eventbrite. We're gonna put together a fun show, but I don't know if it's $600 of fun. Say hi afterwards!
Ok, ticket price is fixed on Eventbrite now, if you'd like to preorder.
Improv is so damn brave and impressive--mondo kudos!
Confirmed today that we will have streaming - not sure, but I anticipate it will be $6 to live-stream and then you retain access for 30 days after that. Link when it goes up - probably sometime during the day EDT Tuesday. I got a notification around 4:30pm EDT today of the link for a 7 pm show, so check back Tuesday afternoon if you're too far away to come see it live but still want to check it out. I'm not sure, but I bet high streaming numbers would make it more likely we'll get another show.

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