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July 09 2015

The Honorable Josh Something interviews Your Betters. The Bellacourts condescend to appear in San Diego and an eager admirer will excitedly spew queries upon them! O! That we live in such times!

Hey Klownz, I'm moderating the Another Period panel today in the indigo room. Right after Drunk History, it's history with a bunch of drunks. Also known as my favorite show ever, after most of the NCISes. C Ya! Or some of ya.

Among my favorites, as well. Also, is that Giles' old apartment? The exterior through the door looks like it.

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I feel like I'm supposed to be Googling those tags...
Another Period? Isn't one period enough? The poor semi-colon gets so little respect these days as it is, but now we need 2 periods? (No periods were used in the construction of this post)
Always nice to see you. Related, we have a list of SDCC events here.
And in a great twist (that no one will see now) the original post had no period after the link title. And I wondered if the mods would say, "we'll allow it" considering it's Joss' post. It's been fixed, of course. :)
Welcome back, O Purple One! I must say I haven't seen this show. Must do so.
Welcome back Joss! So excited for Comic-Con.

[No. We are absolutely not turning Joss posts into "look at this Joss". edited by Sunfire on 2015-07-09 23:44 ]
So glad you remembered your password, Joss! Feel free to pen a manifesto on Age of Ultron (the movie) anytime.
Pass the cocaine wine please. (NCIS: Cocaine Wine sounds fun)

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It's so nice to see some purple again! I hope you have a great time at Comic Con Joss!

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Everyone going to SDCC I kinda hate you right now. But Periscope, Tweet, & Instagram till your fingers fall off. And have fun!

Weird...I have no betters. So who is this Josh guy talking too? (Oh, I should click the link.)
Ex post Josso! Nice.

Wish I could attend the panel or the SDCC--especially with #1 Son. But I must work to put bread on the table and video games in the consoles.
I would ditto NYPinTA but I know I'd never get near the room so . . .

Glad to know you're feeling relaxed and rested enough to drop in on us Joss, after the mighty movie release. Here's to whatever creative endeavors are next on your plate, as long as whatever they are, they're refreshing to your soul.
Hmm. It's on the Comedy Network? Wonder if it is carried up here in Canada. And are there reports from the panel yet? (Has it happened yet?)
I read the title of this post first (I was on my phone so everything was skinny & scrolly) and thought, "My but that sure sounds like something Joss would title a post. But he hasn't been seen in these parts for years. Quit your wishful thinking, Kiba." And yet. And yet.

Lioness, if you don't have it yet, I bet a streaming service will get it up there soon. Looks like Drunk History DVDs are on Another Period is a much newer show (like if Downton Abbey and Keeping up with the Kardashians had a baby!) so you might have a delay there. I've watched a little of each, and will definitely watch more now. (I love Natasha Leggero, but it just feels awkward to see Riki Lindhome without Kate Micucci.)
Oh Joss, nearly two years since you last corresponded. I've been wishing so hard you would drop by and tickle our funny's. We've been talking about you in your absence. Were your ears burning? Can't be at SDCC but glad you're there, doing your thing, well many of your many things!
Hi Joss! *waves* Welcome back.

Lioness, I've seen commercials for Another Period on M3. I was hoping it might show up there.
I'm on the right (or left) coast this weekend, but at the wrong end of it, dam It's! Still an outsider to the bitter end.

Josh on, SDCCers.
Wait. "Your Betters?"
Glad to see a Joss-post, and looking up that show it looks like it must be hilarious. (And is now near the top of my too watch pile.)
Might catch it on Youtube if it's posted there.
Super purple awesomeness! It's been so white yellow and black around here! Thank you Joss for stopping by. I'll def check out.

Everyone at SDCC - enjoy and report to us!
*praise the purple*

I will be e-stalking you con goers and living vicariously through all the geekery.
I'm looking at the cast list for "Another Period" and thinking, "Why isn't this in my brain right now? Just shoot this show directly into my brain right now!"
It's been quite a while. It's great you moderated a panel of that show. It's basically "Keeping Up With the Vanderbilts" hinting that high society 100 years ago didn't have "high standards" for themselves, even compared to now. Great show, especially for Natasha, Riki and Miss Hendricks.
Seeing The Purple on here again makes me happy.
I have apparently been living under a rock, because this is the first I'm hearing of this show. Thanks for expanding my knowledge, Joss!
I'm an expert on drunks history, what do you want to know?

I've been studying. Ask fast, my liver may not last forever!
What is cocaine wine?
"Betters" is a term from antiquity where most people believed those who actually ran things knew what the heck they were doing and thus were somehow better or more deserving than the rest of us.

I submit the last few years has been clear evidence to the contrary.
Indeed, some of the people at the "top" of society have been on the cocaine wine a little too much. Anyway I'll be checking out this show. The last time Joss mentioned a comedy he likes it was Archer, and I love that show!

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