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July 10 2015

Agents of SHIELD S2 gets Blu-Ray/DVD release date, will be Amazon exclusive. They'll be out on September 18th.

Agent Carter will be released on the same day.
$44 seems like a lot for the DVD version. Season One was only $30. This is about a 50% price increase.

Stupid economics.
I hope this and Agent Carter do not stay Amazon exclusive.If I have to,I'll buy through Amazon but I prefer picking this up in person at a store.I don't like putting credit cards online.
The amazon exclusive thing is kind of puzzling. Not sure I've encountered it before, and I'm a bit of a blu-ray collector. Either way, the prices are unlikely to drop below the release-week sale, so that's probably going to be the best time to get these. They'll still be overpriced, but that's Disney.
Isn't it much more likely the cover artwork is amazon exclusive, not the whole set? Restricting the release to one store seems like a great way to keep people from buying it.
It's already available for purchase on streaming services and the full season is on Netflix as well. There's probably little demand for the physical discs so limiting it to one store makes sense. Discs will be gone all together soon.
Wonder if/when they will be available for free streaming on Amazon prime.
Hey Buffyfantic,

I suggest just picking up an Amazon gift card at a B&M store like Best Buy or another place. Then use it to buy the set on Amazon. No need for a cc that way.
That sounds like a good idea,thanks Louie.
I'll wait for the complete series box set that will no doubt come sometime down the road.
Based on sales numbers for physical media then I completely disagree with kantgitrite101. Plenty of people don't want to go to streaming or netflix, with their many disadvantages, and that's even if they live in an area where such services are feasible. It will be many years before discs are gone completely.

All CW shows, that are not cancelled, are getting DVD releases at least (and many are getting BD too) and this is an ABC show with much higher ratings. Lots of demand for Agents of SHIELD S2 on dvd for sure. Agent Carter and Blu-Ray are more questionable, but my guess is that Amazon will have an exclusive window, and then other stores will have at least some of these later.
This is seriously good news for those of us in the UK who still haven't seen Agent Carter! It's just started on FOX, but not on terrestrial, so most of us can't see it without mortgaging ourselves to Rupert Murdoch :(

We all kind of assumed that Channel 4 (tends to show more left-field shows, has shown both seasons of AoS) would pick it up and were baffled when it didn't.

Love the series 2 cover, btw. Anyone know if that's the region 2 cover also?

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