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July 11 2015

Joss speaks of the social importance of 'Another Period'. Whedon connects the social satire of the show to recent statements made by affluent celebrities.

So I hadn't actually seen the show (or really understood it was a show) until I read this. And now I've watched the first episode. And it's great.
What's Joss's involvement?
None? I think he just moderated a panel on it at Comic-Con.
Where did you watch it? It's not yet available on Netflix. And yes, Joss' only involvement was the panel. Can't wait to watch it, and lots of other CC goodies
Just watched the first episode and the character intro clips on the show's site last night and it's very funny, brilliant satire. Can't wait to watch more but have to sneak-watch when the kid isn't around for the NSFC moments.
Pilot ep is available on Hulu+ (may not be available outside the U.S.). It looks like new eps will be available on 21-day delay.

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Just saw another commercial for it on Much in Canada. Said next episode is Tuesday at 10. ETA Just found the first three episodes available for viewing at

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I didn't have anything to watch this summer, and rewatching Angel just burned out my DVD player. I hadn't heard about "Another Period," but tried it out last night and loved it. Today I see it is endorsed by Joss. How sweet.
Comedy Central has really been on a roll this past year or two. Broad City and Inside Amy Schumer are both feminist gold (despite the latter getting some flak recently for other issues).
Okay, I watched the first episode of "Another Period". Five seconds after Christina Hendricks showed up I yelled at the screen, "Run! She's going to kill you all!"

It was quite enjoyable.

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