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July 11 2015

"Twist" is Joss's new comic book about a female Victorian superhero. It will be six issues, probably published in 2016, with an artist yet to be determined.

New category!!!!!!
I hope this will be available digitally. Haven't stepped foot in a comic store since Buffy season 8.
It's a Dark Horse book, so it will be available digitally.
I personally find this to be the most exciting "Batman" thing from SDCC so far!

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It would be quite interesting if Twist did the reverse of Buffy; start out as a comic and continue the story's canon as a live-action series. Hmmmmmmmmmmm? {{twirls ends of imaginary mustache}}
Maybe by the time the comic comes out, I'll have this cosplay together. Because it is the ideal cosplay to me. Dark Victorian aesthetic yes please.
This really sounds like Joss is getting back to his roots (which I love). A new Whedonesque heroine for a new generation.
Here's to a dark but exceedingly well-dressed vision! Here's to the birthplace of modernity's nightmares, imaginary and realized! Here's to the pop culture references of Conan Doyle's youth! Hip-hip horror!
Oh, sweet. That looks awesome.
Fun! My pull list has already started for the next two years between this and Threadworlds.
YAY this sounds fun! I can't wait for Joss to create his own new crazy world again.

Is the title an Oliver Twist reference, I wonder? Or is it just the idea that it's a "twist" on a story we've heard before? Either way, it sounds a little Buffy-esque, but different, and I can't wait to see how it turns out.
1) I was hoping that Joss would create something at Image Comics where the creators all own the work they create. If people wanted to make a movie out of an Image book they would have to deal with Joss and not with Image Comics.

2) Now we get the benefit of Joss' obsession with Victorian novels and fox eared pages. I hope there is a character called fox ears...

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"twist-and-twirl" is supposedly Cockney slang for "girl". So my assumption is that's the derivation.

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I'm already excited for this.
Tausif: it's possible Joss has a similar contract with Dark Horse. He's a big name, he won't cut any deals that he's not happy with.
Oh, this is exciting. I love waking up to the sight of a new Joss project lurking off in the future.
First Joss posts here, then he announces a new original work - I am over the moon.

All he'd need to do would be to announce the resurrection of "Goners" and my world would be perfect.
Twist could also be a reference to the fact she is twisted by her experience. But I like that it has multiple sources for such a simple name.
Victorian/steam punk batgirl isn't something I knew I needed. Now I can't wait. Excited.
I could be wrong but I get the impression that original creations / content / characters created by Joss in Dark Horse the rights would be his, in similar vein to what creators get on Image, the difference being that the publisher already has a long withstanding relationship with him. And that's for anything that is not licensed from elsewhere, he wouldn't need to go to Image for that sort of freedom and ownership.
(It is such tight and good relation that the publisher been sponsoring all his solo panels at SDCC all these years to the effect of getting him in Hall H this year or even those few years when all people wanted to ask was about Avengers.)

Not that different with Hellboy to Mike Mignola, whose characters and related universes are all owned by Mignola.

Even Fray falls under some sort of loophole, even though it exists in the Buffyverse, FOX doesn't hold rights over those characters. I just checked:
Fray™ & Copyright © 2003 Joss Whedon

For Sugarshock it says:
Sugarshock™ & © 2007, 2009 Joss Whedon. All Rights Reserved.

So Twist will probably fit within the same realm as the examples above.

On that note even Dr. Horrible relationship to Dark Horse fit within licensed property, like we have with Buffyverse, Dollhouse or Serenity:
Dr. Horrible™ © 2010 Timescience Bloodclub, Captain Hammer™ and all other prominently featured characters are trademarks to Timescience Bloodclub.

[Update to correct a typo]

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It's also possible that while all these things are his, Dark Horse has the right of first refusal on developing the properties for other media, under whatever contract he's signed. No way to know unless they feel like telling us.

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I'm usually not so much a comic book person, but I'll definitely check this out. If this becomes a movie or (dare I hope) a TV show, I'll be over the moon.
I'm certain this would be a creator-owned title, similar to Fray and Sugarshock. Though I expect Dark Horse would get a cut of the pie if (when) this gets optioned as a TV series. (A cable one, I hope.)

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