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"Am I on speaker phone?"
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July 11 2015

Joss was presented with the Comic-Con Icon Award during his panel. "Comic-Con Internationalís Icon Award is presented to individuals or organizations who have been instrumental in bringing comics and/or the popular arts to a wider audience." According to people in the room he was given a standing ovation and was quite moved.

I'm linking to the award's permanent page until we have something else more stable to link to.

Would have been so cool if they had stuck an umbrella on it. (Even if it was temporary.)
Are YouTube's okay? If not, feel free to delete this:

Joss is Overwhelmed by his Ovation
YouTube is great, thanks! I had been hoping someone was filming it.
This just made me cry....
Past recipients include:
Frank Miller (2006)
Neil Gaiman (2007)
George Lucas (2008)
Stan Lee (2009)
Ray Bradbury (2010)
June Foray (2011)
Matt Groening (2012)
J. Michael Straczysnki (2013)
?? (2014)
And Now Joss...

NIce line-up to be part of.

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Pretty sure this guarantees he'll never be ignored at Comic-Con, ever.
He's not just our own little Joss anymore.
barboo - just goes to show what good taste we have here! It was bound to happen sooner or later.
Thanks for the you tube clip :D

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