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July 11 2015

Joss Whedon Just Explained The Meaning Of Life To Us. io9 gives a summary of Joss's answer to the meaning of life during his panel.

They also talk about Twist and the rest of the panel.

I've been thinking a lot about what I would ask Joss if I were in the position to ask him something in front of a crowd full of people, and I keep thinking I might open with, "Existentialism, am I right?" before getting onto a real question. (On the other hand, I have a whole list of things I'd ask not in front of a crowd. I'd probably open with, "Book of Mormon. Did you see it? Was it the most fun you've ever had?")
Reason #(I've lost count) why I will never stop loving Joss Whedon.
Real answers to questions. I love it. I'm sure there were a lot of non-question questions but the ones mentioned in this article were all good so I'm glad Joss gave some serious answers.
Is there a link to a place where we can watch this panel? If I can find the time, I'd love to watch it.

Kiba, I love it that you would ask JW about Book of Mormon! We loved it to pieces! - My husband worked for a Mormon company for 2 years, living 1/2 time in UT. He said the authors totally nailed the Mormon culture, and not in a mean way.
There'll be YouTube recordings soon enough. There always are. Just takes a bit for people to get back home or to their hotel and upload these 30min to 1 hour long panels.
D-e-f: Yep, I guess I was just being impatient! Thanks.
Jocelyn, that's top of my list, because I know he is a pretty big Trey Parker and Matt Stone fan (and I suspect he enjoys Bobby Lopez's other work, too). Which reminds me that I would ALSO ask if he had seen the South Park episode Broadway Bro-down, and how he felt about their portrayal of Stephen Sondheim.

Then I'd get all, "Kelly Sue DeConnick and G. Willow Wilson, you know? Kamala Khan is basically the new Buffy," and I'd probably sing him a tiny recital consisting of A Trip to the Library from She Loves Me, Another Hundred People from Company, and Worst Pies in London from Sweeney Todd.

And then I'd thank him for not putting a restraining order on me.
Also, new Serenity comics coming next year! According to Comicbookresources, an outline has been approved and Georges Jeanty shall return for the art. Wo-hooo!
F**k, now I have the urge to watch Muffy the Zombie Fighter...
Maybe Joss shold make a movie, about the Meaning of Life, with Monty Phyton?

Thanks for the link, Mirage!

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