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"I wanted to do a show about people who are not 'super,' just working-class people, the people history steps on. (Joss on Firefly)"
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July 12 2015

Discuss NerdHQ's Conversations for a Cause panels. These will all be livestreamed in three places: IGN, the app (iTunes, Android), and YouTube.

11:00 am - 11:45 pm: Agent Carter and Agents of SHIELD.

12:00 pm - 12:45 pm: Joss Whedon.

1:00 pm - 1:45 pm (?): Nathan Fillion.

The app is available for both ITunes and Android.
I figured it should be but I couldn't find it.
The DubSmash wars among the Carter and SHIELD casts has been amazing.
BTW, for those who missed both Nathan's panel from SAT and Con Man cast panels can already be found as single-out videos.

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Here's the app for Android.
Re-confirming, no Director's Cut for Age of Ultron, but I expect people to keep speculating around that until the home release actually happens.
Stream has broken BECAUSE HYDRA.
It started breaking up on a great question, too! Their evil knows no bounds.
Bad stream. No cookie.
Bummed about the broken stream, but when Joss mentioned the Bronze I got up and did a little victory lap around my basement.
Sad about the stream, I think Joss was just going to fangirl over iZombie just as the stream cut out. I love iZombie.

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I've tried reloading periodically but it's dead at this point.
Ahh man. I was glad to get Joss talking in-depth about Christian imagery in Ultron. I love when he breaks news like Twist, obviously, but second to that, I could just hear him give commentary on his work for days on end.

Will be looking forward to the fully uploaded panel later on!
(Way late with that joke...)
(Way late with that joke...)

The classics never go out of style.
Love that joke, it makes me nostalgic.
Wonder how many people who became fans more recently through the marvel projects would understand that.
If you go to the Youtube link, you can rewind the stream a bit, Joss portion still glitches at the same point and never returns, so we will have to wait till tomorrow for a uploading from the recording. The stream is mostly back midway through Nathan's panel, but it still glitchy in portions. You can watch some of it, but waiting for a upload of the recording still recommended for the full experience.
Thank Nerdmachine goodness, the video is up! I shall watch it!
Joss Panel:
Marvel Partners in Prime:
Thrilling Adventure Hour feat. Amy Acker:
Con Man:
Bad Ass Women 2015 feat. Felicia Day:
Nathan Panel from Saturday:
Supermansion feat. Seth Green:
Nathan Panel from Sunday:

Some of the panels moderated by Nathan or Alan are highly recommended too.

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Nearing the end of watching Joss's conversation now.He's always entertaining listening to him in these settings.
Clark Gregg's answer to will we see LGBT characters in the MCUTV despite Feige's remark that it will be "within ten years" for the MCU proper. Just go watch, it's like the first question.
The stream was pretty good for the most part starting on Thursday, for the panels I watched. Big disappointment today - I don't know who is responsible and I don't want to slag anyone, but still, we missed most of Joss and Nathan's panels today (and why did it have to fail during those particular panels - a sick Cosmic joke?) Yesterday it was due to NerdHQ's Internet connection needing to be rebooted or something. Supernatural, a show I haven't watched in some time was highly entertaining. Mark Sheppard is hilarious; well, the whole thing was raunchy, and really? I don't get why people bring kids to adult panels. Why should the actors et al, some of them, have to apologize for their language, not fully express themselves. Again, not slagging, but I don't and never have gotten that. Still got to see a lot of great stuff and for that I'm thankful.

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Finally watched the Joss one. Trying to watch live I came in just as he said, "I like porn." That was odd. Then it started buffering badly & I hated the world for a while. Yay for YouTube! Boo for the comment section... Ah well.

Most of the questions were good, I thought. I always suspected Steve Rogers was just being polite. But maybe meow meow is like the sorting hat & it wasn't that it didn't find Steve worthy but Steve himself doesn't believe he is, (seeing as he still feels guilty about Bucky.)

I got nothing else.
The second part of the Joss panel is unwatchable. Anyone has another video?
I'd like to just add something about how great NerdHQ is. Sir Ian McKellen posted this article on his Facebook a couple of hours ago - such a nice man for his concern:

I've visited those lines and admire those who brave them.

Hall H of Horrors: What is Comic-Con doing about the worst line in fandom?

Nothing until after 2018, apparently. SDCC in my opinion, does a very poor job with the amount of people, and panel control. No one should have to suffer like this. I wouldn't even do it for the Firefly Reunion Panel. That being said, getting NerdHQ tickets can be as problematic as getting a SDCC pass, but it's worth a shot. For the last two years before leaving San Diego, I did that instead and saw fantastic stuff. And before that I did both. Just a plug for NerdHQ.

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