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July 12 2015

SDCC: SHIELD Vs Carter in a Dubsmash Throwdown. Smiles may ensue.

Some of the embeds don't work for me. This is cruel!

edit: found the original posts on twitter. finally saw them all. amazing stuff. can't even capitalize sentences anymore, that's how blown away I am. :)

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I unabashedly love this entire thing. Atwell seems bound and determined to enjoy every last bit of what she's got right now while she has it, and is dragging everyone else along with her.
Squeee! This made my day!
I had trouble with them not all loading, too. But then I pulled up the link on my phone, and there they all were.
I just want to be best friends with all of them.

Btw, this article left out two of Atwell/d'Arcy's:

Also, the joke behind Atwell/d'Arcy's last number (the more quiet song where they're sitting); is that it's a Chloe Bennett (aka Wang) pop song:

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You have to wonder if part of the Marvel casting template right now is ensuring that a good number of the cast will be unabashedly along for a fun ride. I have no doubt some part of my enjoyment of SHIELD / Carter is that many of the cast are just immensely likeable
These guys are amazing!
One of the best things to come out of SDCC imo. I adore both casts.
I only found out about this while watching the live stream I looked it up right away and I am in love.

So happy that they actually did their showdown after Nerd HQ panel!
Clark Gregg in Agent Carter drag made my day!
So much fun. They are all so lovable.
So that happened ... and it was kind of fantastic.

Bitch betta have my money! hahahahaha
These are fab. Love that the casts went to the effort of doing this.
Luke Mitchell (Lincoln) posted behind the scenes video of Chloe Bennet and Clark Gregg's

Hayley Atwell and James D'Arcy's version of Love Shack:

I have been following Ms. Atwell's twitter page for the last few weeks and it was nice to find out how she shot her dubsmashes. They have been quite the hoot to watch. It apparently took 15 takes for the AOS crew to film their killer dubsmash. I look forward to the continuation of the conflict in the future.

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It continues! With a special guest.
That is going to be a hard one to beat.
I think Will Riker, Fury and Billy might overthrow that one.
I will only accept Samuel L. Jackson as a trump card to Chris Evans.
Pretty sure it will take at least Fury and Hill. Stan Lee wouldn't hurt.
Any chance we could pin this to the sidebar for a little while, since it's about to go off the front page?
A few minutes ago from Clark Gregg - sorry, I know some of you don't do Twitter or Facebook:

@clarkgregg 25 minutes ago
When you know something's coming but you don't know what...
#DubSmashWars Link to Facebook and great photo

Clark Gregg ‏@clarkgregg 41 minutes ago Beverly Hills, CA
When you know something's coming, but you don't know what... @HayleyAtwell #mrDarcy @ChloeBennet4 #DubSmashWars
Link to Twitter Post
Reiterating QingTing's request to please move this topic to the sidebar for awhile, as this war isn't over by a longshot:

7/19/15 - posted by Clark Gregg a few minutes ago on Facebook:

Hayley Atwell Blog

Wow. Keep chatting, @hayleyatwell
@chloebennet4 #DubsmashWars
I love Team Carter but their last (albeit amazing) offerings were akin to shooting baskets after the game was over and the other
team had gone home.

I call foul ! I deem the Atlanta postings as the start of Round 2. Let the games continue ! Moar ! Moar ! Moar !
I'm just now getting around to seeing this. Great way to start a Saturday morning. Fantastic. "Champions" and Captain America ones were just hilarious.
I read in a comments section somewhere that this was a planned thing and that down the road the fans are going to vote on the best dubsmash; proceeds to go to charity. That would be cool.
The original wasn't planned. But the new round they announced today through social media is for charity, yes.
This is hilarious.
It's official.

The Gauntlet has been thrown. It's on, for charity.

These People Be Nuts In a Good Way - Donate and Possibly Win Fabulous Prizes

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