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July 13 2015

CBR interviews Joss about Twist. "The idea is six issues, but it definitely could continue. I want to build it, and then see if Dark Horse feels like bringing it further if I can." EW has additional comments from him.

"It's a story I had stuck in my head for the last couple of years that I was finally like, 'I guess I have time to get this out now', out of my head and onto a page."

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I do like a new Joss world.
I'm pretty excited for some fresh Joss writing with characters that are completely his own, I've been waiting for an announcement like this since Joss finished working on Avengers 2!
One of my all time fav new Dr. Who characters is Madame Vastra.

A Victorian Batwoman chambermaid? That's awesome!
Might take a look, always liked Victorian settings, but I'm nervous about the possibility it might make me stop being an ex-fan and I'm not thrilled with that. As long as the politics don't get too X-men-y this looks promising.

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