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July 14 2015

Video of Joss Whedon's panel at Comic-Con 2015. It's been uploaded on youtube by Flicks And The City, Enjoy!

Finally, was hoping they had recorded it, and they did not disappoint.
Can anyone find a decent video of the NERD HQ panel?
Ricardo L. It's in the comments. The updated link only with the panel was posted by myself and another person in the comments from that thread.

Sad the channel edited out the small portion on the intro where Scott talks about the new Serenity series already having an outline and having George already slated to return on art duties.
What? That's official? I heard a rumor about Jeanty months ago but !!! (Legit, cannot tell if you're joking or what. Damn plain text.)

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This one has more of Scott Allie in the beginning talking about Buffy season 10 and Serenity&Georges comics
Beautiful moment when the fan thanked Joss for creating Zoe. I like his response, that Gina was a major part of the credit. I would love to see more Firefly action, not in comic form, but how it was originally intended.
I wish someone had asked him about Buffy HD remastering.
That would be a good question. There should be an area on here for posting questions to Joss. I know he occasionally checks the site. It would be cool to have a section for him to visit and respond to us fans.
I was at the NerdHQ panel! I am the one who stole all his friends.
That was great, I actually got teary at the end.

And yeah, it's a shame no one asked him if he was working to fix Buffy's HD. I wonder if he even knows how bad it is.
Joss is aware of the HD issue. He's mentioned it before. On his Twitter account, which is gone now, but a number of entertainment sites picked up the tweet as his comment on the issue. For example, AV Club.
He also referenced it in one of his last tweets - (talking about his to do list now that he finished Ultron)- and on his list was something like 'look into this Buffy Blu-Ray thing.'
So he is definetly aware of the issue (but it'd be nice to hear if he has been able to have some proper discussion about this with Fox.)

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@Sunfire: I'm aware of his two tweets. I know he heard there were complaints, but I'm not sure he knows what the actual issues of the remaster are. I'm afraid he only read the word "widescreen" and didn't continue reading the rest of the articles. The aspect ratio is actually the LEAST problematic thing about the HD version. The contrast, the color changes, the new CGI, the zooming... are much more serious issues.

Joss mentioning Buffy needing to stay 4:3, and saying he should look into the Blu-Ray thing, doesn't mean he's fully aware of the issue. It's been a year since the HD version came out, and he still hasn't commented on it, not really. That doesn't seem right.

But I hope you're right, that he did look into it, and that he won't let his masterpiece be butchered by a big studio.
Joss is limited with what he can do, he doesn't outright own Buffy. But he certainly reads Whedonesque.
Yeah, it's terrible to think Fox owns Buffy and can do whatever they want with it. But I have to think that if Joss called them and asked to be a consultant on the HD remaster, they would have to say yes. That's what David Simon did when he heard HBO was converting "The Wire" to HD.

Joss can't make the show come out on Blu-Ray, but the HD remaster is happening, they're working on season 6 right now. He might be limited with what he can do, but he is not powerless. Fox already spent money to remaster the show, it's just a matter of getting it right and fixing the issues.

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To be honest they've almost finished the HD remaster, I doubt they will pay for it to be done again. But who knows. Joss made it clear he thinks the show should be viewed in 4:3. Given some scenes have been converted from night to day by not keeping the image filters, I doubt he will support the probable Blu-Ray release. (Before I get jumped for speculating about Blu-Ray, I know Fox Home Ent say a Blu-Ray isn't planned.. But somebody is paying a studio in LA to convert every episode. Business head says they will sell it somehow).

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Well, Fox is releasing a "Lost In Space" Blu-Ray in 4:3, and releasing the 16:9 version for digital download. So there is hope.
And Universal released the original "Battlestar Galactica" on Blu-Ray in both 4:3 and 16:9.

I would hope a Buffy Blu-Ray would be in 4:3, and the 16:9 version would be made available online, and used for syndication. And that would be fine with me, as long as the many many issues of the Pivot version are corrected.

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Fox did Star Trek Blu-Ray with both 4:3 and 16:9 on the discs.

The problem is the 4:3 version would have to be non-HD, as the HD conversion - while looking great often - has many issues. There's one episode where the wrong take has been used in a scene.. That sorta thing. I can't see a Blu-Ray released without HD footage being well received.
@gossi: Not true, Star Trek and Star Trek TNG are only 4:3 on Blu-Ray. And that's not FOX, it's CBS/Paramount.

WHY would the Buffy 4:3 version would have to be non HD?? You mean, it would have to be a different HD conversion from the one aired on Pivot?
The Pivot HD transfer is not definitive. Fox would only need to ask a competent team to rectify the current HD masters, most of the work has already been done, it's just a matter of finishing the job, like get the colors right, fix the framing etc...

And high def is not about the aspect ratio, it's about better definition. If Star Trek TNG or Twin Peaks can look fantastic in 4:3 HD, so can Buffy.

The Blu-Ray 4:3 version would have to be very different from the current Pivot version. And I have to believe they wouldn't release the Pivot version on Blu-Ray anyway, it looks way too amateurish.

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Not that I'm a fan of when the fans start getting to comfortable and jokey with the panelist... but the guy asking about the meaning of life? He's funny. And the guy before with the, *points at Joss* "... You!" Funny!
Loved the panel. Very moving!!
WHY would the Buffy 4:3 version would have to be non HD?? You mean, it would have to be a different HD conversion from the one aired on Pivot?

Pretty sure that is what gossi meant.

The Pivot HD transfer is not definitive.

From a realistic standpoint I'm sad to say that it probably is (at least until 4k remastering comes into vogue.) Given the time, effort and most importantly money that has/is assuredly going into the Pivot attempt - dis-satisfactory results or no - the idea that they would even consider starting over with a new remastering effort for any upcoming releases (including an alternate properly framed 4:3 HD release) simply doesn't compute. And it's not just a question of "rectifying" the current HD masters. All those "finishing touches" like color correction, scene exposure, contrast and the like? Those are the things that take the most man hours (aka money.) scanning/cropping film negatives into a digital system are child's play in comparison.

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