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July 14 2015

(SPOILER) Dark Horse's Buffy Season 10 solicitations for October. Angel & Faith #19 and Buffy #20 are out that month.

Megan Levens filling in for Rebecah once more this month.

Considering how Dark Horse structure the trades, Buffy is probably one-off. With two to go for Angel & Faith.

Allegedly, we have two more big arcs (considering the 5-issue structure) for each title two conclude the season. Intrigued. But that's me going very much ahead, considering Angel & Faith #20 still to go in November.

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Angel and Faith is now only getting 25 issues this season instead of the announced 30. Very disappointing.
That cover with Xander and Anya is gorgeous. Spectacular.
Wasn't aware of the shorter season for Angel & Faith, so essentially only one arc left.

They probably decided to streamline it to avoid fillers. Might have changed mid-season, as I remember that both series being announced as 30-issue series, essentially giving season 10 the same about 60 issues span that we had in Season 9. And that's considering that Drusilla's mini was cancelled before publication.

They've stated before the launch of Season 10 that there were no minis planned for this season, like we had for Willow and Spike during Season 9, adding it all to the reasoning that for both season being more or less the same length. Wonder if something changed there also, and we might get something running parallel to Buffy's final Season 10 arc.

Or maybe that's a clue to when Twist might be released in 2016. As Twist release rotation would take over Angel & Faith spot. With A&F concluding in April 2016, and Twist debuting either in May or June 2016. That's completely speculative of course, as Season 9 we did have an instance of 4 books in one month, the release of Twist shouldn't influence Season 10's schedule.

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