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July 14 2015

Tahmoh Penikett's web series Riftworld Chronicles now available in the US. The show is a fantasy/comedy about a wizard who lands in our world. Available in Canada on CBC and internationally on YouTube here.

Learn more about the show here.

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Cool -- added to my Roku options. Not sure when I'll get a chance to actually watch it, though. Thanks.
Just finished watching the episodes so far in one sitting (each is only 5-7 minutes long.) It is absolutely fantastic - imo Tahmoh's utter sincerity makes the whole thing (and keeps it from dipping into the sort of silly comedy this type of thing usually devolves into.)

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Well, that website hates me, and I hate it right back.

It refused to load in Chrome, so I cut and pasted the address into Internet Explorer. Then it wanted me to log in before watching anything. Fine, I took the option of logging in through Facebook. *Then* I had to create an account for their site. What's the point of logging in through Facebook if I still have to set up an account? Am I going to be getting spam from them now?

I hit canel. I think I'm going to miss out on this one.
For those who were having problems with the ConTV website, the entire series is actually on the CBC Punchline YouTube channel (and accessible from international locations):
Thanks for that link, bertha! Much better than having to sign up for yet another site. (I don't have time to watch it all tonight, but the first episode looks fun.)
Ooo, much better. Thank you!
YouTube is a much better option, as ConTV has only the first ep available.
@tomg CONtv has the whole series. I'll add the link to YT though.
Why did I not think of linking them here? Saw it last night. (I kicked in to the crowdfunding. Am expecting my awesome t-shirt annnnnnnny day now....)
It's very funny. Not done with it, but am really enjoying it!

Question: Are there only 8 episodes?

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How many more episodes are on ConTV than on You Tube?

As of right now it's the same as on youtube (eight I believe.) I signed up for ConTV off the bat (didn't feel like dicking around for an alternate source) and sign up/viewing is free - they just try to get you to upgrade to a commercial-free experience most every chance they get. I was able to catch up on all episodes there in one sitting with surprisingly few commercials imo (just a single one before each episode - probably because of how short each one is.)
Cool. When they were promoting ConTV at the Wizard World con, they were pushing the paid version. It was the only way to see exclusively VIP panels if you were part of the unwashed masses. Lots of us passed on the whole thing.

Riftworld Chronicles was a lot of fun. I hope the wait for the next installments isn't too long.
If ConTV has the entire series, they are not making it available to my Roku box -- only the first ep shows up in the list (at least as of Tuesday).
There's only 8 episodes. Hopefully there'll be more! Erin (Kim) and Tahmoh have been friends for like 10+ years and they really do a great job acting alongside each other.
@tomg I just checked my Roku. I see all 8!

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