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July 17 2015

"Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase 2 Collection" Box Set to arrive this holiday season. The thirteen-disc box set will contain all of the movies from the MCU's Phase Two including 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' in BluRay and Bluray 3D, plus digital copy, and a top-secret bonus disc, all packaged in collectible, specially designed disc holders, filled with exclusive Marvel memorabilia. This set is already available for pre-order on Amazon.

Update to change link from CBR article to Official Press Release.

Cool! Age of Ultron is gone from the theaters here.

Just saw 'Ant-Man.' Definitely worth seeing, and part of a contiguous story.

The only thing is I already have 4 of the movies from Phase II.

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I also already have 4 of the movies included in the set, yet it seems like it would be a shame to not buy this collection.

And I second that Ant-man is worth seeing.
Don't own any of them, so would happily buy it when a complete box set drops in price (not fussed about limited editions with memorabilia and the like.)

Annoyingly though, Phase One no longer seems to be available at all in the UK, apart from expensively via places like the Amazon Marketplace's third party sellers. I held out buying it in the hope that they would release a version in the UK with all of the special features that were included on the US discs (I only really cared about the Joss commentary, which is bizarrely absent from all versions of Avengers Assemble in the UK.) This never happened though and it no longer seems to be in print here.
Joss Commentary track is actually absent from almost all international releases of Avengers, which is the DVD/BD equivalent for the Schwarma scene, which was originally absent from the theatrical release internationally.

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